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Secret Anti-White Hatred Group Discovered at Oxford

Cambridge University Student Witchhunt after Exposing Oxford Univesity Secret Anti-White Hatred Group

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT Cambridge University student was threatened after he exposed a secret anti-white hatred group from Oxford University. A senior Cambridge official told him of serious consequences if he did not stop. ...

University Of California Students Protest 32 Percent Fee Hike

State Funding Cuts: The Real Reason Why Tuition Fees are Ever Increasing

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT A report revealed that the real reason behind tuition increase is not additional construction or administrative costs. Instead state funding cuts are the real culprits for this increase ...

ASU Sun Devil Stadium

Arizona State University - Tempe Outranks Stanford and MIT as Most Innovative Schoolari

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT The Arizona State University has outranked Stanford and MIT as the most innovative school. Some of the criteria include improvements made on faculty, curriculum, and student life ...

Rally Held In New York For Education Equality In New York City Schools

School Choice: Is It Really the Answer Education Quality Problems?

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT There has been low student performance in reading and math as well as low graduation rates across the nation. A lot of questions have been asked whether school choice is the answer to this. ...

 Students Protest Tuition Fee Hike

ITT News Update: What's the Aftermath after the Closure?

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT The Department of Education has created a support system for displaced students of the recently closed ITT. The network consists of professional counselors in financial and career management who are ...

Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton

2016 Presidential Campaign News: How Will Education be Like after the Election?

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT Educators held a debate at Hofstra University about the future of education in America. They also talked about several issues in the education sector. ...

Shakira in Israel

Shakira and Other World Leaders Invest in Education

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT Shakira and other leaders of the world have recently convened to discuss the importance of education in different parts of the globe. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown chairs the meeting attended by ...

Anti-Sikh posters were posted in the University of Alberta

University Of Alberta Takes Down Racist Posters In Campus

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT Anti-Sikh posters were put up in the campus of the University of Alberta. ...

Budget cuts are the reason behind the high cost of tuition

Rising Cost Of Tuition At Public Colleges Attributed To State Funding Cuts

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT The real reason why tuition at public colleges have soared to scary heights. ...

Texas has approved the campus carry law

Texas University Sees Accidental Gun Discharge In Campus After Carry Law Was Approved

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT A gun was accidentally discharged in a dormitory in Tarleton State University. ...

Tel Aviv University Launches Exchange Program

Tel Aviv University's New Exchange Program Aims To Fight Racism And Prejudice

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT Tel Aviv University's new program aims to fight racism among the Jews and Arabs. ...

U.S. Department of Education

Education Department Continues To Help Students Affected By School Closures

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT The Department of Education will provide support to students who were affected by recent school closures. ...

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