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Dec 30, 2016 10:19 AM EST

Now that the regular decision deadline for the submission of college applications has been set to the first day of 2017, college-bound students will do well to work on their applications instead of looking for another New Year's party.

The regular decision deadline date was set for universities across the nation, the International Business Times reported. As such, institutions such as Columbia University in New York, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Northwestern University in Chicago, are expecting thousands of applications from college-bound students on the first day of the year.

Although it is advised that students should work on their college applications early, those who didn't still have some time to make it before the deadline. Here are some last-minute tips for those who will need to work on their applications, from the IBTimes.

Proofread your application

You wouldn't want to submit an application with even just a tiny speck of typographical error. Proofreading will improve your application and make sure that avoidable errors are indeed avoided. Make sure to check your name and the name of the school you are applying to. Reading it aloud will also help clear away grammar errors.

Use a professional email address

This might seem insignificant, but having an email address that sounds childish will make schools think that you're, well, still childish. Prepare a professional email address that will erase admissions officers' doubts about your college readiness.

Submit Earlier on Dec. 31 - and not a second before the clock strikes 12

University websites can crash, especially with the amount of students accessing it to send college applications in just one evening. Even if you are cramming at the last minute, don't submit your college application a split-second before the deadline.

Print out hard copies of everything

Printing hard copies of everything you do in your application, including the actual application you sent and the time you sent it (which can also be captured using a screenshot), will help if ever the colleg website fails.

Clean up your social media profiles

After making a pro-sounding email address and preparing a college application that sounds like a pro, don't leave your social media profiles looking and sounding differently. Schools might check your social media accounts, so take down those profane and senseless posts; untag yourself from inappropriate photos, videos, and other posts; and tidy up your virtual presence.

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