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The First Chatbot With A Soul

Meet Nadia, The Chatbot That Can Speak Like Cate Blanchett And Read Emotions

Mar 27, 2017 PM EDT Nadia is a chatbot equipped with both artificial and emotional intelligence

Cancer Is More Just Like A Case Of Bad Luck

John Hopkins University Study Reveal How Cancer Is An Error In The DNA

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT A new study by scientists at John Hopkins University suggest that cancer is more on bad luck than unhealthy lifestyle or heredity

Dr. Abba Zubair & CAST Launch Stem Cells in Space

Researchers Look Up To Outer Space As Womb For Stem Cells

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Stem cell research gets a boost that’s out of this world. Researchers focus to see if microgravity actually can help stem cells expand faster in space.

Asian-American student

What Too Much Academic Support Does To Asian-American Students, Study Reveals

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Study has found that too much academic support may not be necessarily beneficial to Asian-American students.

Jewels of the Insect World - Amazing Tropical Beetles

Arizona State University Receives Over 1.2 Million Insects For Research

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Renowned entomologists Charles and Lois O'Brien have donated their beloved insects worth $12 million to the Arizona State University.

STEM program for girls

Carnegie Mellon University's Girls of Steel: Successful Approach to Get More Girls to Study STEM

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Carnegie Mellon University's Girls of Steel group encourage and increase the interest of girls into the STEM fields by having a robotics competition involving 50 girls from 20 different high schools ...

Harvard Scientists Cracked the DNA repairing mystery offering hope to get astronauts to Mars

Breakthrough in DNA Repair Cellular Aging Achieved

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Harvard scientists reached a breakthrough in DNA repair and it will help NASA get people to Mars.

Students from the University of California San Francisco Discover Lungs New Function

University of California San Francis Study Discovers Lungs New Function

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT A new study from University of California San Francisco reveals that lungs are not only for breathing. It functions the same as the bone marrow.

The Silver Layer That Can Revolutionize Consumer Electronics

University of Michigan Discovers Transparent Silver; A New Innovation For Touch Screen Displays

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new material by combining silver and a tiny amount of aluminum to produce an exceptionally thin film of transparent silver that can be used ...

STEM Education gets additional funding for future Morehouse College Workforce

Cape Cod Schools Share $1 Million STEM Grant

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Project Lead The Way has been awarded with over a $1 million in grants to further STEM courses in Massachusetts K-12 schools that prioritizes them.

Physical Inactivity Among Teenagers

Physical Inactivity Among Teenagers May Result To Weak Bones [Video]

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Spending time in front of computers can have a bad effect on one's bone health. Physical inactivity can make bones weak.

Researchers find biomarker for higher multiple sclerosis risk

Medical University Researchers Find New Interaction Linked To Higher Multiple Sclerosis Risk

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Researchers have discovered a biological marker for people who have a high risk of developing MS.

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