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Dark Energy Is An Illusion

Dark Matter May Not Exist At All According To Research

Apr 01, 2017 AM EDT Dark matter is the main component of the Universe. Well, that is what we know so far.

Brain and Cognitive Reasearch

How AI and Human Brain Union Is Leading To The Creation Of Cyborgs

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT Man is on the cusp of technology that is becoming so fast that it would seem inevitable that the human brain would soon be merged with an AI to form a hybrid intelligence.

Doctoral Students

Belgian Researchers Found That PhD Students Are Prone To Mental Disorders

Mar 31, 2017 AM EDT Taking up a Doctorate class is like a walk in the park. However, that park is Jurassic Park.

Harry Potter Course

Real US College Courses Tackling Beyonce, 'Harry Potter' & 'Game of Thrones'

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT Two more international pop superstars are featured in real US college courses. Find out here.

Qatuwas 2014 Heiltsuk Nation

University Archeologists Discover 14,000 year-old Heiltsuk Settlement in British Columbia

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT Team of archeologists from University of Victoria, uncovered settlement in British Columbia that dates way back to 14,000 years BC.

The Fate of Mars' Atmosphere

Professor At University of Colorado Boulder Explains How Mars Lost Its Water

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT Mars was once a hot spring planet until the sun washed its atmosphere away and took all of its liquid water.

More Women Are Encouraged To Join STEM Research Teams

STEM Majors Looking To Increase Female Diversity [VIDEO]

Apr 01, 2017 AM EDT Many professors and students believe that strong female role models are an instrumental part of decreasing the gender gap in engineering.


Asteroid Sharing Orbital Path With Jupiter Revolves The Giant Plamrt The Wrong Way

Apr 01, 2017 PM EDT NASA alongside researchers from Hawaii and Arizona have discovered a peculiar asteroid sharing its orbital path with Jupiter but in a retrogade orbit.

#MakeWhatsNext campaign by Microsoft

Microsoft Campaign #MakeWhatsNext Inspires More Girls to Pursue STEM

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT In support of the International Women's Day celebration in March 8, Microsoft launched their #MakeWhatsNext Campaign which aims to encourage more Girls to Pursue careers in STEM.

Blue Origin New Shepard Space Capsule

Amazon's Jeff Bezos: A Sneak Peak Of Blue Origin’s New Shepard Passenger Capsule

Mar 31, 2017 AM EDT Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos released images of the company's New Shepard space capsule last Wednesday. The company touts it has the largest windows in space.

Black Holes is now Used to Locate Dark Matter

Researchers Take Bold Aim at Finding Dark Matter

Mar 31, 2017 AM EDT Gravitational waves from black holes can now be sued to find axions, dark matter's main component.

Genetics And Obesity

Genetics And Obesity: How Some Genes Make People Fat

Mar 30, 2017 AM EDT Scientists have found that around 79 types of obesity are genetically caused and not just because of poor lifestyle habits and inactivity

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