Study Tips for Online Nursing School Students


Photo by Muhammad Rizwan on Unsplash

Photo : Muhammad Rizwan on Unsplash

Like other online courses, online nursing schools offer endless benefits to students who want to engage in other activities while advancing their education. Students with busy work or family-related schedules need flexible programs to accommodate their tight schedules. Most students taking their online second MSN degree depend on asynchronous programs, which allow them to complete assignments and coursework conveniently.

This is very different from synchronous learning courses with fixed classes. However, online courses require independent and self-directed learners. Without physical interactions with instructors and peers, online students can easily fall behind. Below are a few study tips for online learners:

1.  Have a Regular Routine

While some people are early birds and learn better during morning hours, others are active at night. Fortunately, the biggest benefit of learning online is the leverage to choose what works best for you. You should also design and stick to your daily schedule just like you'd attend regular in-physical classes. Remember to include days off and breaks in your learning schedule.

2.  Have a Designated Learning Space

You will less likely study effectively from your bed or if you are surrounded by friends and family members passing through for idle chats. You should create a learning space where you can restrict interruptions or disruptions. Invest in a desk or table where you can keep your books, writing materials, and laptops. Having a designated space will acclimate you to study.

3.  Leverage Multiple Learning Strategies

Learning online essentially involves reading, writing, and researching extensively. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and limited accessibilities, online nursing students generally depend on theoretical coursework without clinical assignments. This can significantly affect your grasp of clinical requirements.

While instructors can suggest multiple learning strategies and virtual simulations, you should look for additional learning experiences to improve your learning ability. Remember that the more you interact and repeat specific content, especially in different ways, the better it sticks to your memory. Below are a few learning strategies to consider:

  • YouTube videos on most topics - You can search for videos about physiology, anatomy, procedures, and interventions for specific diseases.

  • Practice doing physical assessments and taking medical history on friends and family members.

  • Once you have completed specific nursing topics, use online NCLEX questions for self-assessment.

4.  Have an Accountability Partner

If you find it challenging to stay motivated to study, find an accountability partner from your online class. You can recruit one or a few of your classmates as accountability partners and create a system for checking with each other. By doing this, you'll be less likely to procrastinate studying.

If all members of your online class are strangers and are afraid to ask random students to be your accountability partners, you can search for accountability partners online. You can find an accountability partner from various online student support groups. Note that you shouldn't necessarily be studying the same program or sharing the same goals with your partner.


Enrolling in online nursing classes comes with plenty of benefits, such as flexible studying schedules, freedom of attending class from your bed, and more. However, such flexibility can make learning online challenging. Without in-person supervision and several distractions, you can easily get demotivated. The tips above can help you succeed in your online MSN degree.

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