5 Best Career Paths for 2022


5 Best Career Paths for 2022

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A recent study has indicated that people born between 1960 and 1970 had around 13 jobs by the age of 19 and 60. 

People change their careers due to many reasons. Some feel unfulfilled in their current role, while others want better-paying jobs. 

This article will discuss the 5 best career paths for 2022. These careers have a high market demand and are becoming more popular. 

Most of these careers pay massive cash amounts annually and let you work from home. 

Here are the five best career options for 2022:

1- Financial Advisor 

A financial analyst or advisor assists clients to manage and invest their money. These experts help clients secure funds for the specific goal of offering services to help them manage these funds. Most work in investment and security firms, while others at big organizations.

We expect to see an increase in the demand for these experts because of the recent technology development and vast data procurement. The BLS projects expect job growth for these experts by 7% before 2030, meaning around 40000 job creations annually. 

You can also work as an independent financial advisor offering lifetime allowance or estate planning advice.

A financial advisor gets an annual salary of $84000, and they must have the following education qualification:

  • Certificate in Finance Studies

  • Diploma in Finance

  • Bachelor's in Finance

  • Bachelor's in Business Studies

  • Master's in Finance

2- Human Resource Expert 

Human resource managers are in charge of recruiting, employing and onboarding staff requirements. These managers also oversee work-related issues affecting the support staff and benefit programs. They also lower turnover while retaining top-notch workers.

Human resource jobs are in demand today due to the changing rules that are affecting healthcare and other sectors. A study has shown that this field will experience a 10% job growth by 2030. 

Human resource professionals should have the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in Human Resources

  • Bachelor's in Human Resources

  • Masters in Human Resources

3- Nurses And Health Technicians

The healthcare sector is expected to create more jobs than other occupational groups, and this is because of the aging population and healthcare needs. The study has shown this sector has had 3 million jobs this decade, and the numbers are set to increase. 

BLS studies show a 10% increase in registered nurses' jobs by 2030, meaning an average of 200000 jobs annually. Registered nurses are in more demand in outpatient centers and residential facilities because of financial pressure. 

Nurses look after patients by checking their condition, recording their details and giving medicine. Most RNs focus on a particular field like pediatrics and oncology. 

Nurses receive an annual salary our around $80000 and should have the following qualifications:

  • Certificate in Nursing

  • Diploma in Nursing

  • Bachelor's in Nursing

  • Master's in Nursing

In order to get a job as a senior nurse, registered nurses should earn a Masters of Science in Nursing degree

Besides, you can also work as health technician experts. Health technicians use their computer knowledge to manage and develop computerized health records. These experts manage the patient's records by tracking treatment, protecting private data and updating information. 

You must have excellent analytical skills to succeed in this field. There is an increase in the use of electronic systems, meaning a higher demand for these experts. These technicians receive an annual salary of $50000.

4- Web Developer

It will help to make a career in information technology if you want to safeguard organizations from cyberthreats. IT experts are found easily in all fields and are integral parts of these units. 

Web developers are responsible for creating a website's technical aspects. They function using complex coding and programming codes like HTML and JavaScript to create functional websites. 

Some developers focus on front-end development like the visual elements, while others focus on server-side actions. It will help to achieve these perseverance skills to enable you to succeed in this career. 

Web developers get an annual salary of $80000 and you can start your career as a web developer by completing a bachelor's degree in computer science or IT. 

Most top ecommerce marketing agencies hire web developers to work on their client projects. You can begin working as a trainee web developer and go on to become a web development manager.

5- Turbine Technicians

This career has been at the top for over five years and is expected to have a 70% hiring increase in the future. Renewable energy is the most valuable thing today since everybody is concerned about global warming. This field is ideal if you love adventures. 

Research has shown that clean energy has created over 500000 jobs in the US alone, and the numbers are set to increase. The main disadvantage of this job is that you may be shifted to states that have already installed these turbines. However, you will receive a whopping $60000 annual salary.  As a turbine technician, you should be a tool-loving and hands-on person and be physically fit. 

Bonus Career Options


It is time you monetize your cooking skills if you love cooking for people, and the best thing is that you do not need college certifications. Most chefs acquire their skills through experience, but some enroll for these courses. 

A chef's job is to pick the dishes to be served, oversee food preparation, and guide the staff on all kitchen-related issues. Chefs receive an annual salary of $57000 for working on different recipes all year long. One of the best-paid chefs is Gordon Ramsay, who received $50 million in 2020 alone

Research Analyst 

The demand for research analysts is expected to increase since companies are determining marketing trends using data analytics. 

Research analysts analyze and gather data and use statistical data to turn this information into reports and graphs.

Social Media Manager 

Social media managers are constantly updated on the latest platforms and create strategies that build an organization's brand. Nowadays, most companies understand the benefits of social media marketing and they hire expert social managers for their brand. These managers handle content development or can produce videos and posts themselves as they monitor engagement rates. 

These jobs are in high demand, with a 12% increase expected by 2030. Social media managers receive an annual salary of $60000.

Final Thoughts 

The career field is broad and has many well-paying jobs. You should choose a career that suits your passion. Nowadays, you can easily apply for your desired job online. Just pick a job of your liking, searching for matching opportunities on job search engines and start your dream career.

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