5 Reasons Healthcare Students and Healthcare Workers Should Aim to Become a Physician


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Photo : from Pexels

Whether you're working your way through medical school, or are seeking a potential job change within the medical field you're already navigating, one position should be at the top of your list: physician. The changing landscape of how the medical industry functions has benefited the already impressive perks associated with the job, giving it even more prestige than you might have imagined possible. Not only is this job highly respected and well-paid, but it's more accessible to would-be physicians than it's ever been before. In fact, there are 5 major reasons healthcare students and healthcare workers should aim to become a physician in today's professional climate: 

The Demand

With a current staffing shortage in many industries, the medical industry has been hardest hit. It just so happens that one of the most demanding jobs, physicians, is in particular demand. Before the staffing crisis, new medical school graduates and would-be physicians had a much steeper climb in becoming a physician and finding an available gig. 

Now, however, is the perfect time for ambitious students, new grads, and other healthcare workers to set their sights on this amazing opportunity. With the right amount of effort, you could soon find yourself with one of the most prestigious professions in the medical field.

The Pay

Physicians have almost always been at the top of the medical field in terms of pay. Their salaries are typically tied or at least close to surgeons, making the profession perfect for those looking to live the high life. While the job is seriously demanding, employers and medical corporations are willing to pay big bucks to secure top-level physicians. 

There's a recent track record of physicians maintaining a high average salary, as they still held on to the number 1 spot of highest-paid medical professions during 2021. If you have dreams of becoming a medical professional in an area with a high cost of living (especially for those that prefer the city lifestyle), becoming a physician will serve you well. 

The Variety

While the title of being a physician may seem as though it's a catch-all phrase, the variety in the job opportunities associated with the physician title is actually massive. Due to this, there is a ton of opportunity to dive into specific fields of medicinal practices, which will prove appealing to many healthcare students and current healthcare workers out there.

The staffing shortage caused by Covid-19 is not only increasing this demand but is leading to more specialized professional titles in the physician field. Some physicians are even moving into a new hybrid-style professional track - one that's being dubbed "Physician Entrepreneurs." If you've been wary about following this career path, these facts should help calm your mind. 

The Social Status

There are many non-pay, non-workplace perks that go along with being a physician. In terms of social status and respectability, it's difficult to think of a more rewarding one. And that's not even mentioning how rewarding the job is, as you're able to literally save and improve lives day after day. After all, there's a reason medical dramas and soaps have remained a staple of cable television programming all these years - people love doctors! 

For those looking to start a family, the perks that come with being a physician extend into your community like almost no other profession. You'll be able to develop personal relationships with a massive number of people you live nearby, which should help you develop an absolutely satisfying social life. 

The Flexibility

Because of the wide range of job types that come with being a physician, there is always a ton of flexibility surrounding how you can perform your job. With the larger emphasis on flexible work hours and schedules being offered by some major medical industry employers, the job has become that much more perked up with looser scheduling possibilities.

Many workers are now opting for shorter work weeks when they can. With the massive salary you get from being a physician, you'll be able to cut down on the long working hours that are more traditionally associated with the medical field (if you can find an employer who supports this work model, that is. For those looking to start a family while working in the medical field, this will prove extra appealing. 

Reach for the Stars

Every job in the medical industry is invaluable, and in today's climate, these pursuits are especially heroic. But if you want to live large, flexibly, and have massive job security all at once, no other job in the medical industry will serve you as well as being a physician. With the right choices and hard work, you can begin saving lives and making insane amounts of money in no time. 

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