5 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Student


5 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Student

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As a student, being in college is not easy financially; that's a given. You will need some extra cash to be financially stable and afford some things independently. Keeping in mind that times have changed, students now do not have to take part-time jobs to earn some extra money. There are tons of options that can earn you money from home as you continue with your studies.

Below are some basic jobs that can help you make an extra living without inconveniencing your studies. Keep in mind that you do not have to do all of them; just choose what you can manage.

1. Web Design

Thanks to technology, you can easily learn how to design websites from the numerous online tools and website builders available online and make an honest living out of it. A web designer uses their technical and creative skills to develop new websites or redesign existing ones.

The past few years have seen E-commerce grow to become an integral part of business. This means that almost every business or institution out there needs a website. Therefore, with the relevant web design skills and creativity you can easily find clients and design websites for them.

You do not always need qualifications to become a web designer. Yes, some of them have experience in the field, but this doesn't mean that you do not stand a chance. You also don't need to know how to code. You can use a website building platform to create beautiful sites using a drag and drop editor without having to code at all.

2. Start a YouTube channel.

Most of us use YouTube during leisure time to watch entertaining videos and listen to music. Some even use the platform to study and conduct research. However, YouTube is not just limited to this; you can make thousands from it. The good thing about it is that opening the channel is easy and free.

Additionally, once you start a YouTube channel, your earning won't just be limited to the number of views you get. The success of Youtubers in the past few years has prompted marketers to focus their marketing efforts on reaching their audience through such platforms. This means that you can land several advertisement deals where you market their business on your videos, and they pay you in return.

Being a successful Youtuber isn't simple. You have to set a strategy, choose a niche to explore and be consistent with quality content. This way, you will be making the extra money within no time.

3. Be a Social media Influencer.

Businesses have changed their marketing methods drastically. Today, marketers try to focus less on physical advertisements and more on digital marketing and advertising. Statistics show that almost everyone is on social media now, and the amount of time people spend on their phones is increasing. This means that students can take advantage of this, especially those with a large following on their accounts, and become social media influencers. You will just have to sharpen your content-creating skills, and you will be good to go.

To do so, you will have to be a regular social media user to keep up with the daily happenings on the platforms. For example, if you choose to ply your trade on Twitter, you will have to be up to date with the trending topics and hashtags. This will make it easy for you to tailor your posts around the trending topics while remaining relevant.

4. Online Tutoring

If you are good at something, never do it for free. If you are brilliant in some of the subjects you learn in school, you can sharpen them even further and earn money online by tutoring other students on the same subjects.

There are numerous platforms online where countless students go to searching for tutors who can help them improve their grades on different subjects. You can sign up on such platforms, look for people who need help with the subject, and offer your services to them. The good thing about this is that you dictate the price they pay, and you will also be adding to your knowledge even further.

5. Freelance writing

Do you have writing skills and ideas that you can use to deliver written content? If so, freelance writing can be the perfect option for you. At the moment, the internet is loaded with freelance companies looking for creative writers who can deliver quality content.

Being a freelancer is not only rewarding but exciting too. You will be having fun, especially since you have the luxury of choosing your favorite topics. Additionally, it doesn't ask for much, just a good internet connection and an electronic device (such as smartphones or laptops). With these two, you can work from any place you want, provided it is within the range covered by your freelancing company of choice.


Nothing beats financial freedom. As we have seen, there are options available for you to explore and make extra money for yourself as a student.

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