How To Achieve Your Dream Career Goals


 How To Achieve Your Dream Career Goals

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What are your dreams for your future? If you've been having a subtle or persistent feeling that you'd like to do more with your life, now is a good time to listen.

After the last year, many professionals are taking steps to pursue their dreams. They are finding a path to move forward, beyond their current jobs. 

If you've been a part-time painter, you may be longing to go back to art school. If you've been working as a loan officer, you may want to learn how to become a real estate agent too.  

The good news is: many programs can help you achieve your dreams. Today, more online courses are available for mid-career professionals. 

Online classes offer a convenient and affordable way to earn an advanced degree. If your not interested in graduate school, look into various non-accredited programs that can still boost your skillset or help you break into a new industry that may be of more interest to you, or perhaps higher paying. Whether it's classes at a local college near you or online courses from sites like Udemy or, there's something for everyone. 

Benefits of Career Advancement 

Boost Job Flexibility

Getting an advanced degree gives you more flexibility. You can choose the jobs you want, work where you want - and work when you want. This is especially true for nurses. An advanced nursing degree increases job flexibility, opening up options for working part-time, full time, or as a travel nurse.

Reduce Stress

In the last year, many professionals found that their stress levels increased. Some people noticed signs of acute stress, anxiety, and worry. Other professionals found they had trouble sleeping, managing emotions, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

If stress has been an issue for you, consider new career options. 

Increase Purpose

Happiness experts emphasize the importance of finding meaning and purpose. A sense of purpose has been closely linked with feelings of happiness, increased job satisfaction, and a sense of meaning in life. Everyday realtors get to hand over keys to families in search of their dream home or a young post-grad who is buying their first condo with dreams of a future income property after learning the basics of real estate online. 

If you notice that your current work is offering some sense of purpose and meaning, you may want to explore ways to expand this to the maximum. Perhaps an advanced degree will help you get certified in a particular specialty. This could help you earn a higher salary, and devote yourself to a specific patient population. All of this will often cause you to work in a specialty that has a higher demand for what you can provide.

How To Start Exploring Purpose

While we know that having purpose and meaning is a good may be wondering just how to start exploring this for yourself. 

Here are 5 steps to help you get started.


Notice when you feel happy, joyful, and like you're doing what you love most. This can be a gut feeling. It may be little things such as caring for a pet, talking with a child, or being a caring listener to a friend. Notice how you feel, and what you are doing when you feel that special sense of 'rightness.'


Write down the things, times, and places where you feel like you have a sense of purpose. This doesn't have to be a fancy or expensive journal. Just keep a record in a way that is easy for you. A simple journal or document on your computer will do the job. 

Keep track, as close to when you have the experience - so you don't miss out on the moment.


Talk to a friend, coach, or mentor about your explorations. This may be formal or informal. Formal could be talking with your supervisor, boss, or team leader. Informal might be talking with your best friend, partner, or spouse. 

Sharing your experience is a great way to support your investigations.


Interview people who are already doing what you're envisioning. If you're thinking about getting a Masters's in Art, talk to a working artist, teacher, or professional. If you're considering going for a Masters's in Nursing, talk with someone who has gotten this degree. 

Ask them about their early ideas, considerations, and initiative. Ask factual questions, such as how they managed to go to school and working, having a family, or caring for their parents.


Sometimes, we need time to incubate and reflect on options. You might like to journal, draw, or sketch. You may enjoy walking in nature, making time to soak up the energy of tall trees. This is also known as Forest Bathing, an ancient Japanese practice that supports reflection and strengthens the immune system. 

Wrap Up

As you investigate your options to achieve your goals, give yourself a round of applause. You're listening to your dreams - and taking the best steps to build the life you imagine.

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