Nerf Gun Party Host is the Perfect Job for Part-Time Students


Nerf Gun Party Host is the Perfect Job for Part-Time Students

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As a student, you're likely noticing it's hard to find a part-time job that fits your schedule, especially if you're in college full-time. One great job that offers a lot of fun and unique experiences is to become a Nerf Coach for a Nerf Gun Party.. There are also multiple benefits to this type of job including learning about leadership and various social skills.

What is a Nerf Gun Party?

A Nerf Gun Party, also called a Nerf War Party, is an incredibly fun party meant for both boys and girls and can include children ages 5 and up. You'll get Nerf Guns, hundreds of Nerf darts, a Nerf Coach to set up the event and the coach stays to run the entire event.

There are entertaining obstacle courses and arenas that often consist of paintball bunkers. Smoke bombs, banners, and safety equipment are all a part of the party. Nerf Wars are incredibly popular around the California Bay area including in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland and are often called Nerf Gun Party Bay Area.

Nerf Wars Coach is Ideal for Students Looking for Part-Time Work

For students, working as a Nerf Wars Coach part-time is wonderful since the job is primarily on Saturdays with some Sunday work as well. The events are held on the weekend and each party lasts less than 2 hours a majority of the time. So you can make money on the weekends by coaching multiple parties per day and it isn't a monotonous job such as working in a grocery store.

What Are Duties of a Nerf War Party Coach?

This job is perfect for students since you get to travel to the jobs yourself, with fuel expenses reimbursed by the employer. You'll be setting up the Nerf event at each location, including setting up the obstacles, barricades, and getting the equipment ready for the guests.

You'll go over a safety demonstration once the party begins and be in charge of going from one game to another game. There are also mini-games you can make so that the birthday party is memorable for both the guests and birthday boy or girl. You stay for the two-hour event and then clean up and travel onto the next location.

What Leadership & Social Skills Can You Learn as a Nerf Wars Coach?

Being a Nerf Gun Party Coach as a student allows you to gain both leadership skills and social skills, which you can include on your resume for possible employers down the road in your chosen career field.


You're going to be the leader of a group of kids to celebrate a birthday so it's important you are positive and have a pleasant attitude towards the guests. You'll learn that showing up with a smile on your face and making people feel comfortable goes a long way in making the experience one-of-a-kind.


Since you're working with children a majority of the time, patience is going to be needed and it's a skill you'll develop as you get more comfortable with the job itself. Teaching the kids how to use the Nerf Guns and safety equipment, and getting them to keep the goggles on during games requires some patience and also empathy.

Reliability & Flexibility

You'll be able to gain skills in both reliability and flexibility, especially if you're going from San Francisco to Palo Alto or Oakland and then to San Jose in a single day. Being flexible on your schedule during the weekend is important as well as being reliable and on time for each party.

Effective Communication

Being a Nerf Wars Coach means you'll gain skills in effective communication, especially when it comes to communicating with children. In order for the birthday party to be a success and also safe, you'll have to communicate the rules and game requirements to kids of various ages.


Part of communication is respect, which means you're going to build confidence in how you begin talking to the adults and children. Your tone has to be respectful but also straightforward, especially when it comes to safety. Answering any and all questions people have shows that you are respectful and also choose your words carefully without sounding demeaning or rude.

Conflict Resolution

As the Nerf Wars Coach, you're going to come across situations that require conflict management, especially if you're dealing with young kids. You're going to have to learn how to handle disputes, such as one kid taking a Nerf Gun that another kid wanted. Learning how to empathize and handle conflicts that come with games and being competitive will bring you success later in your career.

If you're a college student looking for a fun job on the weekend where you can meet new people and have variety in your work routine, then becoming a Nerf Gun Party Host is easily the best choice. 

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