Juan Monteverde and Considerations Prior to a Career in Law


Juan Monteverde and Considerations Prior to a Career in Law

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A career in law can be an attractive prospect for many individuals. It can be intellectually stimulating and provide the opportunity to work on behalf of others. It can also expose you to a variety of clients, each with their own unique legal considerations to take into account. However, the decision to pursue such a career in earnest can be a big one and merits ample prior consideration. To help inform this process, we've turned to the work of Juan Monteverde, a prominent securities attorney practicing in New York. Information pulled from his work, and other sources, can showcase some of the considerations that can be important for prospective legal practitioners.

Undergraduate studies

One aspect of a career in law of which many people are aware is the typical need for extensive education. In most cases, an undergraduate degree must be obtained before an individual can move on to law school. There is generally no single undergraduate degree that an attorney must hold in order to be successful in their field. In fact, a wide variety of undergraduate degrees can be pursued in preparation for moving on to law school. These degrees can include history, English, philosophy, economics, finance, and more.

In the case of Juan Monteverde, he opted to study finance while pursuing his undergraduate degree at California State University, Northridge. He pursued that degree due to an interest in financial markets and a desire to work in the field later in his life. It wasn't until he obtained a part-time job working at a law firm that he shifted his focus to a career in law. That shift came about after he had the opportunity to participate in a two-week-long trial in which his law firm represented two landowners in a dispute with developers. Seeing the firm's role in securing a positive outcome for its clients helped the future attorney see the positive impact a legal practitioner can make on the lives of those they represent.

This helps point out the role that an undergraduate degree can play in an attorney's career. While pursuing this degree can certainly help you develop skills that can come into play later in your work, it can also serve as a time for developing your passion and directing your career efforts. By further investigating the field of law during this time in life, a prospective attorney can help to determine if the career is right for them.

Law school

Perhaps one of the most well-known aspects of the preparation for a career in law is the role of law school. Earning your J.D. is necessary in most areas of the country prior to moving on to licensing and other requirements. In addition to fulfilling this requirement, your time in law school can also help you develop a wide range of skills that can positively impact your legal career. You can become familiar with methods of researching cases in order to find precedents. You can also help develop your ability to form strong legal arguments. It can also be a time to begin to hone in on your specialization within the field.

Applying yourself during law school can provide plenty of benefits down the line. The securities attorney graduated near the top of his class at St. Thomas University's School of Law, which helped him stand out when it came time to pursue professional opportunities. He also made sure to engage in numerous extracurricular activities, in order to round out his education. This included time as a staff editor for the law review and as President for the law school's official newspaper, Plead the Fifth.

Developing experience

While there can be a desire to dive into high-level cases or even to own your own firm once you've become licensed to practice law, there's plenty of benefit to developing professional experience prior to these activities. By spending time as an associate at one or more firms, you can help to build your understanding of your profession which can, in turn, inform your work moving forward. This time in an attorney's life can also be important for helping them select their ultimate specialty in their field since they can take the opportunity to be exposed to numerous areas of focus.

For the securities attorney, his early experience as an associate eventually helped him develop the level of expertise necessary to start his law firm, Monteverde & Associates. That experience included work with large corporations, government institutions, and financial institutions. At times, this work focused on legal actions related to commercial disputes and government investigations. That work also gave him exposure to clients across the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the U.S.

Developing traits

While the above information has focused on some tangible activities that can be engaged in for those seeking out a career in law, it can also be helpful to focus on some of the traits that may be of use during such a career. One example of this is the role that capable public speaking plays in the work of an attorney. Areas in which this can be seen can include presenting case details, speaking before judges and juries, and engaging in depositions, to name a few. Attorneys can also be greatly benefited by developing their ability to write, research, solve problems, read critically, and listen. When these traits, and more, are developed robustly, an attorney can have a more successful track record of representing clients and securing favorable legal outcomes.

While many individuals are attracted to a career in law, the decision to pursue the profession in earnest can merit ample consideration. The above look at various aspects of the legal field can help to aid this consideration. By being aware of the specific roles played by undergraduate education, legal education, experience accrual, and trait development, an individual can be better prepared to direct their efforts towards such a career. The example set by Juan Monteverde also helps to illustrate this concept in practice. Consider seeking out additional examples from the attorney and others to gain a better understanding of what a career in law may entail and how you may be able to better prepare for the profession.

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