Which Type of Mattress Should I Pick to Get Better Sleep?

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Which Type of Mattress Should I Pick to Get Better Sleep?

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Getting enough sleep is very important for a person to stay healthy and happy. Besides, it is the kind of mattress that you choose plays an important role in improving your sleep quality. In short, choosing the right mattress helps you sleep better. There are many people who buy mattresses without knowing their details and this is where they are going wrong.

Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can cause sleep problems. In fact, choosing the wrong mattress can lead to sleepless nights. Hence, you have to pick the best mattress brand that suits your requirements better. If you are wondering which type of mattress you should choose to get better sleep then check the following details.

What are the different types of mattresses?

●       Open Spring Mattress - This open spring mattress is also called a continuous coil or open coil mattress. Besides, these mattresses include a very long metal wire coiled into numerous springs. Moreover, these mattresses are very light in weight. Hence, it will be easy for you to turn it whenever you want. The major drawback of these mattresses is they are not supportive and this is the reason why people generally choose this type of mattresses for their guest rooms which are generally used occasionally. You need not have to replace them more frequently by arranging these mattresses in your guest rooms.

●       Memory Foam Mattress - These mattresses are made up of memory foam. Since memory foam is moldable material, it responds to weight and temperature. These memory foam mattresses also have hypo allergenic properties. In fact, this type of mattress provides support to your whole body. They will also provide you relief from back pain as well. This is really a good option for those who are suffering from back pain and sleep problems. These mattresses can be a little costlier when compared to the other types of mattresses as they are more durable compared to the other types of mattresses.

●       Pocket Spring Mattress - Pocket spring mattresses look very luxurious and they are made by using small, individual springs. This clearly indicates that the springs can move independently in this type of mattress due to which they offer a great comfort. In fact, they offer more support when compared to the open spring mattresses. Do not forget to consider the firmness of a mattress before buying it.


Choose from different options available like medium, soft, firm as per your requirement. One important thing that should be mentioned here is that these mattresses are generally more breathable compared to the other mattress types available in the market like latex or memory foam mattresses. You can really sleep well by using this type of mattress, especially in the summer season. However, if you have a sensitive skin then it is better to not choose this type of mattresses as they may cause allergy. Couples especially could choose this type of mattress to get comfortable sleep.

●       Latex Mattress - Latex mattresses are made up of latex foam. Besides, this latex material is a breathable material. Hence, you will not face any overheat problem during the middle of the night. They are also extremely durable. In fact, they easily last for more than 8 to 9 years. These mattresses are a great choice for the people with asthma and allergy problems. People who prefer to sleep on a firmer bed could also choose these latex mattresses. The major drawback of these latex mattresses is that they are a bit heavy in weight. Hence, you may face a difficulty while turning it.

●       Hybrid Mattress - Hybrid mattresses will have the features of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Besides, these mattresses contain both springs and memory foam. If you are looking for a traditional mattress that offers pressure relief as well then, the hybrid mattresses would be your best choice. These hybrid mattresses are very popular for back support and body contouring.


In fact, this is the reason why most of the people with back pain and body pain generally choose hybrid mattresses. Be it a side sleeper or a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper these hybrid mattresses offer great support to your body and help you to sleep better.

Mattress Firmness

Do you know that the firmness of your mattress can affect your sleep? Yes, what you heard is absolutely true. Remember that, you should always choose the mattress firmness by considering various factors like your weight, height and sleeping position. Here are some tips that you could follow while choosing the mattress firmness to get better sleep.

Soft - These soft mattresses would be a perfect choice for side sleepers and for people who sleep in different sleep positions.

Medium Soft - These medium-soft mattresses are a good choice for those people who are looking for good support while sleeping. All those people who have a habit of changing their sleeping position while sleeping can also choose this type of mattress.

Firm - This type of mattress would be ideal for people who sleep on their front. People suffering lower back pain could also choose these firm mattresses to get better sleep.

Mattress Size Information - US Standard Sizes

●       King Size - 76" x 80"

These king size mattresses are especially for couples who are looking for luxurious and spacious mattresses. Sometimes your partner may feel disturbed when you change your position often during sleep. Using a king size mattress will help you to avoid this problem. In fact, these king size mattresses will help you to sleep the way you want without disturbing your partner in the bed. These king size mattresses are generally little costly than other mattress sizes due to the comfort they offer.

●       Queen Size - 60" x 80"

Most of the people prefer queen size mattresses in general as they are quite affordable and comfortable. Couples who are looking for pocket-friendly mattresses could choose these queen size mattresses.

●       Cal King - 72" x 84"

These California king size mattresses are especially designed for tall people. Besides, this is the longest among all the standard mattress sizes. This is also a great choice for you if you want to share your bed with someone else. In short, this mattress size works well for both couples and individuals.

●       Full - 53" x 75"

These full size mattresses are also called double size mattresses. Besides, they are specially designed for the single sleepers. Even couples can choose full size mattresses to sleep better. However, queen size mattresses are more affordable than this mattress size.

●       Full XL - 53" x 80"

The width of both full size mattresses and Full XL mattresses will be almost the same. The main difference between these mattresses is they are little longer than the Full size mattresses. Besides, they are not a good choice for the couples as they have less width. In fact, these mattresses are designed for the single sleepers. Tall people can also choose this mattress size.

●       Twin - 38" x 75"

These mattresses are small in size and they are less expensive as well. Besides, these mattresses are designed for single sleepers. They are also good choices for people who want to save space in their room. They are a good choice for kids as well.

●       Twin XL - 38" x 80"

Both Twin and Twin XL mattresses have the same width. Besides, these Twin XL mattresses are a little longer than the Twin mattresses. Tall individuals can use this mattress for sleeping. Also, it does not occupy much space in your room. Hence, you can choose this type of mattress to save space in your room. They are in fact a good choice for sharing and they are quite affordable as well.

Where can I find the reviews of different mattress brands?

You can find a lot of sellers online who offer mattresses at a good price. Hence, it can be really confusing for you to know which seller online is offering affordable and high-quality mattresses.

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