Plan Your Career Path: What Jobs Are Going to Thrive After the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Plan Your Career Path: What Jobs Are Going to Thrive After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Photo : Plan Your Career Path: What Jobs Are Going to Thrive After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

A harsh reality that we're currently facing is that future jobs are going to be much more difficult to secure due to the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Whether this is due to the high unemployment rate or the fact that the industries are oversaturated, the shift in the economy is also going to shift which industries are going to be considered lucrative in the future. Here's why it's important to re-evaluate your immediate career path as we progress through the pandemic.

Not All Industries Were Adversely Impacted By the Pandemic

One erroneous assumption is that all industries were adversely affected by the pandemic. However, many other industries have seen increased growth because of the pandemic. Industries such as food and grocery essentials, software development, logistics, and eCommerce have all enjoyed a sudden and massive spike in growth, and this is because the changes forced upon us by the pandemic have created an increased demand for these industries.

Affected Industries Are Going to Recover Slowly

Affected industries are going to take at least two years to fully recover. Industries that may have seemed lucrative may no longer be a promising venture. This shift in leading industries is enough to warrant a change in career path. So, what industries might you want to consider?


The healthcare sector will always be in-demand. However, specializations in lung health and virology are going to be in much higher demand as long as the virus remains a threat. Other skills and certifications like this ekg technician certification may get more emphasis, especially when our top priority is to supply the demand for these types of hospital staff. 


The importance of a steady and reliable supply chain during a crisis cannot be overstated. The demand for items such as rubbing alcohol, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment are going to remain at an all time high, and many other industries rely on logistics experts to ensure the steady recovery of business sectors. 


More businesses are shifting their operations online. Schools have also done the same. Due to our increased reliance on the internet, the risk of a cyber attack is increased dramatically. Recent reports indicate that since the onset of the pandemic, the number of cyber attacks has spiked, and they aren't just targeted at big businesses. 

Small businesses have also become prime targets, as they tend to overlook cybersecurity. We also have to consider the fact that we're likely to digitize more industries because of the pandemic. This means that software development and cybersecurity are going to be prime industries to get involved in.

With the changes forced upon us by COVID-19, it's important to know which industries are going to thrive. Nobody wants to join a dying industry, and even fewer are able to take the risk. As the market continues to shift, the industries mentioned above are the most likely to thrive in the near future.

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