Joey Horn Recognizes the Power Of Creative Expression and Fulfillment For Business Leaders

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Joey Horn Recognizes the Power Of Creative Expression and Fulfillment For Business Leaders

Photo : Joey Horn Recognizes the Power Of Creative Expression and Fulfillment For Business Leaders

In the fast-paced corporate world, leaders often dedicate their time, energy, and efforts to succeeding within their roles and climbing the corporate ladder. Many consider their professional endeavors to be motivating, important, or otherwise fulfilling. However, some professional roles may leave leaders yearning for creative expression. Experienced businesswoman and philanthropist Joey Horn felt the desire to explore her creative passions in a meaningful way. She recognized the power of delving into a creatively-based project and witnessed the effect that this expression had on her life. Below, Horn examines her foray into independent filmmaking and the profound effects that creative outlets have on professional life.

Choosing An Outlet

Since most professionals are already spread thin across various engagements, projects, and responsibilities, choosing an appropriate creative outlet is key to maximizing success, and getting the most out of the venture. In her philanthropic endeavors, Joey Horn has focused on championing opportunities for women. The avid art collector also boasts a vast collection of contemporary art from prominent female artists, appreciating art's ability to tell a story through visual mediums. Passionate about storytelling through creative mediums, and highlighting the accomplishments of women, Horn knew that she wanted to become involved in a creative project that met those pivotal requirements.

After discussion, exploration, and collaboration, Horn chose to delve into the world of female-driven film, signing on as an Executive Producer for the WW2 period piece, "A Call To Spy." Inspired by the real story of three courageous women who worked as spies in Winston Churchill's Secret Army, the film champions the unsung heroism of women during World War 2. Horn's participation in the creation of this important film allowed her to stay true to her passions while exploring her creative side.

When choosing a creative outlet, Horn recommends taking self-inventory prior to selection. By figuring out motivations, passions, and inherent interests, professionals can narrow down the areas of their potential involvement. From there, they can further narrow down potential participation by being honest about the time, energy, and involvement they can feasibly dedicate to a particular project. For those who can only work on creative endeavors in short bursts of time, projects that can be picked up at any moment may be ideal. This can include writing short stories, sketching images, or photography. For those who can commit themselves to more extraneous projects, participation in collaborative efforts can be an ideal way to share creative visions with leading visionaries.

Becoming Well-Rounded

While creative endeavors may not utilize the same formal skills needed to excel in a professional capacity, tertiary skills gained via creative expression can be valuable. By engaging in creative projects and personal expressions, professionals can actively use parts of the brain otherwise seldomly used in a different setting. This can unlock creative problem-solving skills that can then be applied professionally. These tertiary skills are valuable, and can certainly aid professionals in surprising ways. 

For Horn, exploring her creative interests via participation in "Call To Spy" allowed her to delve into the inner workings of the film industry. Lending creative input and direction, Horn was able to foster new skills and gain confidence in her own vision. This helped in the boardroom, too, as Horn successfully translated her experiences into the professional sphere. 

For many professionals, creative expression can be empowering, showcasing the ability to succeed within completely new parameters. This empowerment can translate into other areas of life, including the professional sphere. Knowing that new challenges can be conquered, and creative outlets can be mastered, can lend newfound motivation for professionals to accomplish work-related goals. Horn is a believer that success breeds success and considers creative expressions to be personal victories that inspire professional motivation.

Recognizing The Happiness Factor

Though many professionals aim to separate work from personal life, feelings about one facet can easily spill over into the other. That doesn't have to be a negative thing, though. Creative expression can render professionals happy, fulfilled, and excited. These resounding feelings can spill over into the professional sphere, increasing productivity, workplace satisfaction, and overall professional commitment. Various studies suggest that individuals who consider themselves fulfilled outside of work tend to perform better at work than their unfulfilled counterparts. Thus, creative expression can be a precursor to workplace success!

For Joey Horn, her participation in "A Call To Spy" not only filled her need for creative expression, but it also left the avid businesswomen fulfilled, excited to pursue new ventures, and ready to tackle anything. These resonating feelings happily spilled into Horn's professional life, allowing the leader to not only increase productivity but to also motivate her team members.

At its simplest form, art is meant to be inspiring, relaxing, eye-opening, and emotive. At its core, it can be a source of indulgence in coveted "me time." In the midst of a hectic day, crocheting a blanket can be a welcomed moment to unwind, while exploring creativity. Similarly, learning a new creative skill can be equally as rewarding. For those who thrive in acts of learning, Horn recommends combining something creative with something new. Delving into the act of creating something for the first time ever can be enthralling, while simultaneously fulfilling.

With so many tertiary benefits to exploring creative outlets, professionals should consider these actions as powerful investments into their wellbeing, productivity, personal growth, and long-term happiness. Though adding another endeavor or venture may seem daunting for busy professionals, it is certainly worth the commitment. Personal growth is propelled through creative expression, and can positively impact professional endeavors in a myriad of ways. For leaders like Joey Horn, creative engagement is key to professional success.

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