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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 59, 60 Spoilers, Air Dates & News: Will Zamasu Kill Gowasu?

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 59, 60 Spoilers: Zamasu Kills Gowasu
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 59, 60 Spoilers: Zamasu Kills Gowasu
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Avid "DBS" fans had to wait another week for episode 59 of the hit anime television series to air, but the latest trailer did not stop them from hazarding a guess about what's in store for Goku and his friends as well as how Zamasu's character will end.

It's no secret that "Dragon Ball Super" has garnered a huge fan base. "DBS" episode 59, which was scheduled to air last Sunday, September 18, was pushed back to September 25, making fans wait for the latest episode of Goku's action packed adventure.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 58, Goku noticed that Future Zamasu donned a pair of earrings called Potara. The said pair of earrings can only be worn by Kaioshins. This made Goku and his friends realize that Universe 10 Gowasu was at the threshold of being decimated.

The trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 59 hints that Zamasu plans to kill his master, Supreme Kai Gowasu by giving him poisoned tea to drink. In the footage, Supreme Kai and Zamasu are seen having tea then the former drops his cup and spills his tea, according to VineReports.

Why 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 59 Was Postponed?

The airing of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 59 has been pushed back by a week as Japan's Fuji TV altered its process of scheduling its TV programs. Dragon Ball Super's episode 59 was replaced by the 40th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, ChristianPost reported.

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 60

With "Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 slated to air on the first week of October, a few optimistic "DBS" fans are hopeful that it will kick off with Supreme Kai Gowasu's death in the hands of his apprentice. Goku and Vegeta will show up in the Universe 10, but unfortunately they will be too late to avert the incident, according to reports on MNR Daily.

In the meantime, Supreme Kai Gowasu's death infuriates Beerus, the God of Destruction from Universe 7 as it seems that the characters will lend a hand to kill the Present Zamasu in bid to make future safer. Future Trunk, however, is quite upset with the situation, and decides to go to his future to check if things have improved after Zamasu's death.

There's also possibility that Black Goku's real identity will finally be unveiled when "Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 airs.

Stay tuned in here for more "DBS" spoilers, news and other details.

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