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Jun 13, 2017 02:34 AM EDT

Earlier this year, physicians feared the worst when the 12 year old Annalise Lujan with a rare form of epilepsy started experiencing non-stop seizures and the doctors had to place the young girl in a medically induced coma. No treatments worked until the 12 year old girl was given the marijuana derivative cannabidiol (CBD), which put an end to the young girl's seizures.

The seizures of the 12 year old Annalise were stopped when the doctors gave her a marijuana derivative cannabidiol (CBD). The young girl was taken out of her coma, and now she has a second life, Independent reported.

The 12 year old Annalise has a Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndromes, which is an extremely rare disease that causes individuals to have hundreds of seizures a day within two weeks of febrile illness contraction. Due to the severity of the condition of Annalise, doctors had to test an experimental treatment on the 12 year old girl, which involved the marijuana derivative cannabidiol (CBD). Wherein, doctors credited her recovery to the CBD.

Nonetheless. CBD is marijuana's active ingredient that has no psychoactive effects, which means that it cannot get a person high. The endocannabinoid system could attain the positive effects of the drug, a network of receptors in the nervous system and the brain that are connected to a number of physiological processes.

On the other hand, the 16 year old Tina McElligott who has a terminally ill condition has greatly improved due to Cannabis oil treatment. Tina, who is from Kilflynn in north Kerry and is now in Spain, is the oldest living person with Alpers, which is a rare degenerative neurological condition.

Tina was only diagnosed in April last year and was given a prognosis of six months to live. However, while Tina was receiving Cannabis oil treatment in Barcelona, her quality of life is rapidly improving, Irish News reported.

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