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Jun 06, 2017 07:11 AM EDT

Datamined PC files of the popular fighting video game "Tekken 7" might have uncovered what the next DLC packs are going to be. Players might expect "Tekken Bowl" and other superb contents to be added soon.

"Tekken 7" Bowl One Of Potential DLC Packs

The "Tekken" series always had some gimmick to make it more than just a fighting game like having some mini games inserted into it. This time around, "Tekken Bowl" for the seventh iteration of the video game might be added soon if the datamined PC files are true. It also would make sense now, since it is seemingly scheduled to be a $10 mode that will be added this coming summer, Destructoid reported.

Extra Characters Might Be Added Soon

The datamined PC files list did not reveal any extra characters, but it did give a clue to who is getting added maybe in another batch of DLC packs in the future. The placeholder files hinted that the first character will have a meter that is similar to Akuma and Eliza's. This might mean that another "Street Fighter" character will be entering the Iron Fist Tournament.

Extra Costumes Include Swimsuits And More

Also included in the PC files were the planned costumes that might be added to the video game soon. An "Idolmaster" pack will be added, which includes Swimsuits and School uniforms.

All of the PS4 exclusive contents are also available in the PC files, which led to others to speculate that these will be added in due time as a timed exclusive content on every platform. Others speculate that Bandai Namco just forgot to remove the files.

"Tekken 7" Tops UK Sales Chart

In other related news, it was revealed that the video game has landed the number one position in the weekly sales charts in the UK. This will be the first time that a game title has started at a number one position since "Tekken 3," Gamespot reported.

Check out the "Tekken 7" Bring The Fight Launch Trailer video below:

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