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Jun 30, 2016 08:01 AM EDT

"Pokémon GO" Plus is up for pre-orders at a price of $34.99. The game companion features the iconic Poké Ball made in a teardrop-shaped design, looking like the Global Positioning System (GPS) icon. Additionally, to provide easier access, the device also exhibits a strap wearable on both the player's wrist and to hang on to the player's belt.

The "Pokémon GO" Plus is the companion device that aids players of "Pokémon GO" during the game in a much engaging manner, VineReport wrote. As shown in the teaser, the wrist device which may be connected to the player's smartphone thru Bluetooth, allows the player to acquire notifications from nearby Pokémon area even without having to repetitively checking their smartphones.

To use the "Pokémon GO" Plus device with their smartphones, player's device should have Bluetooth 4.0 upport and a GPS technology. On the other hands, android users must have at least the Android 4.3 Jellybean OS mounted on their smartphones. For iOS users, the phone requirements is the iOS 8.

"Pokémon GO" As A Social Experience First And Foremost

Contrary to the expectations that only hardcore and staunch players of "Pokémon GO" will venture on the worldwide trek, the development team clarified that they intend to push the gym-capturing and power-up angles for all. As the team aims to that hometown players will catch the game for its social features, Polygon reported.

The $35 "Pokémon GO" Plus ploy is meant to inspire and follow that type of gameplay, Polygon added. The stand-alone device will be retailed through the app and other shops that will allow players to stay at the game even if their phones away.

The "Pokémon GO" Plus pre-orders initial shipping starts on July 31. The "Pokémon GO" game will be out for Android and iOS handsets as a free app but with in-app grips. However, the A release date has not been announced yet.

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