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Simple Saliva Test Could Diagnose Autism

Feb 16, 2015 PM EST New research suggests that a saliva test may one day be able to diagnose autism. ...


Cattle Grazing Management May Help Capture, Store Carbon In Soil

Feb 16, 2015 AM EST Beef production could help restore ecosystems. ...


HPV Vaccine Is Effective Against Multiple Cancer-Causing Strains

Feb 14, 2015 PM EST The human papillomavirus vaccine, Cervarix, not only has the potential to prevent cervical cancer, it is also effective against other common cancer-causing stains, according to a recent study. ...


Pumas Kill More, Eat Less When Humans Are Near

Feb 13, 2015 PM EST Female pumas kill more prey but consume less when humans are near their territories, according to a recent study. ...

Brain Scans

Type 2 Diabetes May Be Linked To A Reduction Of Certain Cognitive Abilities

Feb 13, 2015 PM EST New research suggests that Type 2 diabetes are associated with worse performance on cognitive tests measuring abilities involved in the control of emotions, behaviors and thought. ...

Commercial Fishing

High Seas Fishing Ban May Boost Global Catches, Equality

Feb 12, 2015 PM EST New research suggests that closing the high seas to commercial fishing could be catch-neutral and distribute fisheries income more equitably among the world's maritime nations. ...


Marijuana May Be Effective Against Depression

Feb 09, 2015 AM EST Medical Marijuana could be used to treat depression, according to a recent study. ...


Measles Outbreak: Opinions on Vaccinations Heavily Influenced By Online Comments

Feb 05, 2015 PM EST Online comments are more influential on opinion on vaccinations than credible public service announcements (PSAs), according to a recent study. ...

University of Hawai'i - Manoa.

Heavy Rainfall Events Are Becoming More Frequent in Hawaii

Feb 05, 2015 AM EST Heavy rainfall events have become more frequent over the last 50 years on the big island of Hawaii. ...

Smartphone Accessory (IMAGE)

Smartphone Accessory Could Diagnosis HIV, Syphilis in 15 Minutes

Feb 04, 2015 PM EST Engineers at Columbia University have developed a low-cost smartphone accessory for rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases at point of care. ...

Josephoartigasia monesi

Giant Rodent May Have Used Its Front Teeth Like Tusks

Feb 03, 2015 PM EST Scientists at the University of York and The Hull York Medical School have found that the largest rodent ever to have lived may have used its front teeth just like an elephant uses its tusks. ...


Vitamin A May Protect Against Malaria

Feb 03, 2015 PM EST Children who had been given a single dose of Vitamin A are less likely to develop malaria, according to a recent study. ...

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