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Deep-Sea Octopus Mother Discovered to Brood Eggs for 4 Years, a New Animal Kingdom Record by Far

Jul 30, 2014 PM EDT A deep-sea octopus has been discovered to brood its eggs for four years and five months, doubling the longest time ever recorded for any animal. ...

Antarctic Ice

Scientists Record 16-Foot Swells in Arctic Ocean, Quickening Ice Breakage

Jul 30, 2014 AM EDT In the Artic Ocean, just north of Alaska, researchers have measured swells of 16 feet, which they say can break up sea ice much faster than global warming. ...

Meteor Shower

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower 2014: How to Watch the First of the Summer's Best Spectacles Live Online

Jul 29, 2014 PM EDT Often lost in the buildup to the Perseid meteor shower, the Delta Aquarid sky spectacle is set to peak Tuesday night. ...

Giant Hole

2 New Large Holes Appear in Siberia as Scientists Are Still Unsure How They Got There (LOOK)

Jul 29, 2014 PM EDT About two weeks after a large and mysterious hole appeared in Siberia's Yamal province, two more just like it cropped up. ...

NASA Opportunity Mars Rover

NASA Opportunity Rover Breaks All-Time Record for Off-World Driving

Jul 29, 2014 AM EDT NASA has reached another milestone from the Red Planet, announcing their Opportunity Mars rover has grasped the off-world driving distance record. ...

L.A. Smog

IPCC Report Disputed By 2 MPs, Though Other 9 Ready to Address Global Warming Now

Jul 29, 2014 AM EDT The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) may have concluded that our warming planet needs immediate action, but two Members of Parliament (MP) are not so sure. ...

Great White Shark

Great White Shark Sightings in Cape Cod Bringing Tourists to the Beaches; Town of Chatham Cashing In

Jul 28, 2014 AM EDT On the tip of Cape Cod's elbow, the town of Chatham, Mass. is capitalizing on a rise in shark sightings, thanks to the release of a film called "Jaws" some 40 years ago. ...

Solar Flare

Massive Solar Storm Narrowly Missed Earth in 2012; Damage Would Have Been Catastrophic Beyond Belief

Jul 26, 2014 AM EDT If a particularly violent solar storm had hit the Earth in the summer of July 2012, civilization would have more than likely been sent back hundreds of years. ...


Moose Saliva May Inhibit Growth of Toxic Fungus

Jul 25, 2014 PM EDT An online education company is partnering up with Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan to offer continuing education opportunities. ...

Blue Whale

Blue Whales' Feeding Zones Interfering With Shipping Lanes, Newer, More Precise Study Finds

Jul 25, 2014 AM EDT Authors of a new study have raised concerns about shipping lanes off the coast of Calif. and their tendency to cross paths with feeding areas of endangered blue whales. ...


Earth May Be in the Early Stages of Its Sixth Mass Extinction Event

Jul 25, 2014 AM EDT Elephants and other large animals may be at an increased risk of extinction, according to a recent study. ...


NASA Scientists Come Up Empty in Search for Water Vapor on 3 Earth-Like Exoplanets

Jul 25, 2014 AM EDT NASA scientists may feel like they are close to finding habitable planets way out in space, but today is not the day they make their big discovery. ...

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