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Fruit Fly

Female Insects Are More Promiscuous in Colder Climates

Oct 26, 2015 PM EDT Females are more promiscuous when they live in colder climates and are happier being monogamous when it is hotter, according to a recent study. ...

Sand Lizard

Climate Change Could Improve Fitness, Survival In Northern Lizards

Oct 07, 2015 PM EDT Higher temperatures could have some positive effects for a group of reptiles, according to a recent study. ...


Coral Reefs Also Benefit From A Balanced Diet

Oct 01, 2015 PM EDT New research suggests that a balanced diet is as beneficial for marine invertebrates as it is for humans. ...


Chimpanzee Personality May Be Linked To Brain Structure

Sep 29, 2015 PM EDT Chimpanzees' personality traits are linked to the anatomy of specific brain structures, according to a recent study. ...


Can Antidepressants And Blood Thinners Kill Cancer?

Sep 25, 2015 PM EDT A new study suggests that antidepressants and blood thinners could be used to treat brain cancer. ...


Man Walks With Own Legs After 5 Years Of Paralysis

Sep 24, 2015 AM EDT A paralyzed man's ability to walk has been restored using his own brain power. ...


World Has Lost 3% Of Its Forests In The Last 25 Years

Sep 14, 2015 AM EDT New research suggests that the globe's forests have shrunk by an area equivalent to the size of South Africa since 1990 despite efforts to conserve over the past decade. ...


Trees Improve Quality Of Air By Decreasing Pollution Levels

Sep 04, 2015 PM EDT New research suggests that trees in cities throughout the UK could be significantly improving the quality of the air we breathe by decreasing pollution levels for pedestrians. ...

Ancient Whale Fossil

Tooth Wear in Fossils May Help Track Diet Of Ancient Ancestors, Animals

Aug 13, 2015 PM EDT Analyzing tooth wear in fossils can help track the diet of ancient ancestors and animals, according to a recent study. ...


Chimpanzees Eat Clay To Purify Their Bodies

Aug 04, 2015 PM EDT Chimpanzees in the forests of Uganda are boosting the minerals in their diet by eating clay, according to a recent study. ...


Memories Can Be Lost And Found

Aug 04, 2015 PM EDT Scientists at Cardiff University have identified the process in the brain the brain that could rescue lost memories and bury bad ones. ...


Plants Send Animal-Like Signals When Stressed

Jul 30, 2015 PM EDT Despite not having a nervous system, plants use signals normally associated with animals when they encounter stress. ...

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