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Plants Send Animal-Like Signals When Stressed

Jul 30, 2015 PM EDT Despite not having a nervous system, plants use signals normally associated with animals when they encounter stress. ...


Chimps Eat Clay To Detox, Boost Minerals In Their Diet

Jul 29, 2015 PM EDT Chimpanzees in the forests of Uganda are boosting the minerals in their diet by eating clay. ...


Molecule That Mimics Exercise May Help Treat Diabetes, Obesity

Jul 27, 2015 AM EDT Scientists at the University of Southampton in England have developed a new molecule that that help treat type 2 diabetes and obesity. ...


Climate Change May Have Killed The Woolly Mammoth

Jul 24, 2015 AM EDT New research suggests that abrupt warming wiped out mammoths and giant sloths at the end of the last ice age. ...


Climate Change May Reduce Coral Reefs' Ability To Protect Coasts

Jul 23, 2015 PM EDT New research suggests that climate change could reduce coral reefs' ability to protect tropical islanders against a wave attack. ...

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's Effect On Breast Cancer Screening

Jul 22, 2015 PM EDT Angelina Jolie has had a huge influence on breast cancer screening in the past two years. ...

Global Warming

Climate Change: Slowdown In Temperature Increases Does Not Mean End Of Global Warming

Jul 21, 2015 PM EDT A slowdown in global warming doesn't mean climate change is ending, according to a recent study. ...

Black Widow

Male Black Widow Spiders Are Home-Wreckers

Jul 14, 2015 PM EDT Male black widow spiders destroy large sections of the female's web when courting. ...

Extinct Volcanoes

Australian Scientists Discover 50-Million-Year-Old Volcanoes

Jul 13, 2015 PM EDT Australian scientists discover extinct volcanoes likely to be 50 million years old off the coast of Sydney. ...

Bumble bee

Climate Change: Bumblebee Species Habitat Under Threat

Jul 11, 2015 PM EDT Bumblebee species are losing vital habitat in the southern regions of North America and Europe. ...


Arthritis Drug Could Treat Blood Cancer

Jul 06, 2015 PM EDT A common drug given to arthritis sufferers could also be used to treat patients with blood cancers. ...


Mystery Of Parrots Ability To Mimic Speech Solved

Jun 29, 2015 AM EDT Parrots are one of the few animals that can imitate sounds and human speech. ...

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