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M60-UDC1 Dwarf Galaxy

Supermassive Black Hole in the Middle of a Dwarf Galaxy is a Unique Rarity, But Probably Not the Last

Sep 19, 2014 AM EDT In a new study, researchers have spotted a supermassive black hole situated in a most unlikely place, right in the middle of a small dwarf galaxy. ...


Dogs Can be Pessimists Too

Sep 18, 2014 PM EDT Like humans, dogs -- who generally seem to be cheerful, happy-go-lucky characters, so you might expect that most would have an optimistic outlook on life -- can be distinctly pessimistic, according to ...


Chimpanzees Are Naturally Violent, Community Murder Rates Unaffected by Human Interference

Sep 18, 2014 AM EDT A new study suggests chimpanzees are inherently violent and that killing amongst their own does not come from human interference. ...

Stanford University topped the list of American tech colleges by Business Insider.

Top 10 American Tech Colleges

Sep 18, 2014 AM EDT Stanford University topped the list of best American tech colleges by Business Insider. ...


Meteorite Analysis Adds to Growing Pile of Evidence that Mars Once Hosted Life

Sep 17, 2014 AM EDT The case for life on Mars, past or present, just got a bit stronger, as scientists have found a 1.3 billion year old meteorite that likely once held water. ...

Elon Musk

NASA Awards SpaceX and Boeing With Combined $6.8 Billion 'Space Taxi' Contracts

Sep 17, 2014 AM EDT NASA has awarded Boeing and SpaceX with contracts worth a combined $6.8 billion to fly astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). ...

Late Cretaceous Plant Leaf

Meteor Strike That Ended the Dinosaur Era Also Had Major Effects on Earth's Plant Life

Sep 17, 2014 AM EDT The meteor generally accepted to have wiped dinosaurs from the face of the Earth also likely had a profound effect on the planet's flowering plants. ...

Mount Mayon

Mount Mayon Begins to Emit Lava Fragments as Evacuations Begin to Take Place in Philippines

Sep 16, 2014 PM EDT Evacuations are underway in the Philippines as the country's most active volcano is showing strong sings of an eruption. ...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Appointed as a United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change, Invited to Speak at Summit Sept. 23

Sep 16, 2014 PM EDT The United Nations has named Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio their new Messenger of Peace, which carries a speaking responsibility later this month. ...


Scientists at MIT Create Robotic Cheetah Able to Run Up to 10 MPH (VIDEO)

Sep 15, 2014 PM EDT Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a robotic cheetah that resembles the real-life animal in almost every way. ...

Rosetta Satellite and Philae Lander

Rosetta Mission Managers Have Chosen Landing Spot for Historic Comet-Mounting Attempt

Sep 15, 2014 AM EDT Rosetta's historic comet-chasing mission has come one step closer to fruition as the mission managers have selected a spot for the satellite to deploy its Philae lander. ...


Meditation May Shorten Migraines, Reduce Pain

Sep 14, 2014 PM EDT People who suffer from migraines might find relief in a type of meditation designed to reduce stress, according to a recent study. ...

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