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Antibiotic Activity

Chlorine Treatment May Promote Antibiotic Resistance

Mar 23, 2015 AM EDT Chlorine, a disinfectant commonly used in most wastewater treatment plants, may encourage the formation of new, unknown antibiotics that could also enter the environment, potentially contributing to ...


Chimpanzees Will Travel For Preferred Foods

Mar 17, 2015 AM EDT Like humans, chimpanzees will travel a farther distance for preferred food sources in non-wild habitats, according to a recent study. ...


Oregon State Scientists Hit Bipedal Robot With Dodgeballs As Part of Experiment (VIDEO)

Mar 16, 2015 AM EDT A group of Oregon State University (OSU) scientists made playing dodgeball against a robot look easy, hitting it every time they threw a ball, but they failed in their objective. ...


Light Pollution Affects Plant Growth, Food Webs

Mar 16, 2015 AM EDT Artificial night time light from sources such as street lamps affects the growth and flowering of plants and even the number of insects that depend on those plants for food, according to a recent ...

Katherine Tant

Sound Research May Boost Flight, Nuclear Safety

Mar 12, 2015 PM EDT A University of Strathclyde academic has developed a system for using sound waves to spot potentially dangerous cracks in pipes, aircraft engines and nuclear power plants. ...

An Arctic Pond

Ponds Are Slowly Disappearing In The Arctic

Mar 12, 2015 PM EDT Ponds are shrinking and slowly disappearing in the Arctic Tundra, according to a recent study. ...

Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog

Stress Increase Amphibians Susceptibility to Disease

Mar 11, 2015 PM EDT New research suggests that amphibians -- already the most threatened vertebrate group in the world -- are even more likely to contract a disease because of stress. ...


Supplemental Feeding May Increase the Population Of Endangered Avian Species

Mar 09, 2015 PM EDT Supplemental feeding, or simply supplying nutrients that are lacking in one's primary diet, can help the recovery of endangered avian populations despite exacerbating the effects of infectious ...

Purdue University

Purdue University Receives $40 Million Grant

Feb 23, 2015 PM EST Purdue University in Indiana has received the largest in its history to from the Lilly endowment, school officials announced. ...

Brain Scans

Diabetes, Depression May Predict Dementia Risk In people with Slowing Minds

Feb 20, 2015 PM EST New research suggests that people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are at higher risk of developing dementia if they have diabetes or psychiatric symptoms such as depression ...


Plants May Survive Better Through mass Extinctions Than Animals

Feb 18, 2015 PM EST There have been at least five mass extinction events that profoundly changed the history of life on Earth, and plants have been very resilient to those events, according to a recent study. ...


Simple Saliva Test Could Diagnose Autism

Feb 16, 2015 PM EST New research suggests that a saliva test may one day be able to diagnose autism. ...

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