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Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog

Scientists Discover New Frog Species in NYC, Honor Amphibian Expert Who Noticed It First

Oct 29, 2014 PM EDT A researcher at Rutgers University teamed up with a group of co-authors to publish as study on a new species of frog found New York City, of all places. ...

Orbital Antares Rocket Explosion

Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket Explosion; No Injuries, But Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Damages

Oct 29, 2014 AM EDT Sometimes even rocket scientists can get rocket science wrong, as NASA Associate Administrator Bill Gerstenmaier called it "a really tough business." ...

African Lion

African Lion Becoming Endangered? U.S. FWS Proposes to Protect 'Majestic' Big Cat With the Endangered Species Act

Oct 28, 2014 PM EDT The Obama Administration proposed Monday to have the African lion placed under protection of the Endangered Species Act. ...

Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island Spewing Lava, Forcing Some Residents to Evacuate Their Homes

Oct 28, 2014 AM EDT The Hawaiian village of Pahoa on the state's Big Island was evacuated Monday because lava flow from Kilauea was approaching local houses. ...


Early-Stage Fireball in Nova's Thermonuclear Explosion Captured for Rare Observation Opportunity

Oct 27, 2014 PM EDT For the first time, astronomers have captured a thermonuclear explosion from a nova star, providing a rare study opportunity. ...

Megalodon Shark Teeth

Megalodon Shark Extinction Likely Allowed Baleen Whales to Grow to Their Massive Modern Size

Oct 27, 2014 AM EDT Modern whales may have reached their massive size today because of the ancient die-off of a giant Megalodon shark. ...


Chimpanzees Caught Raiding for Food on Tape; What It Says About Their Response to Human Interference With Their Habitat

Oct 24, 2014 PM EDT Researchers believe chimpanzees seen on camera raiding farmland for food are adjusting to pressure applied by humans on their habitats. ...

Easter Island Stone Faces

Easter Island Was Not Populated Solely by the Polynesians, According to New Genetic Study

Oct 24, 2014 AM EDT One of the most mysterious islands in the world, Easter Island's ancient inhabitants may not have been so alone before Westerners found it in 1722. ...

Carbon Emissions

Country's 'Personality' Influences Environmental Stewardship

Oct 23, 2014 PM EDT New research suggests that nations with higher levels of compassion and openness score better when it comes to environmental sustainability. ...

Music Therapy

Music Therapy May Reduce Depression in Children, Adolescents

Oct 23, 2014 AM EDT Music therapy reduces depression in children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional problems, according to a recent study. ...

Deinocheirus Mirificus Arms

Paleontologists Solve Mystery of Long-Armed, Bizarre Dinosaur; Finally Unearth a Complete Skeleton

Oct 23, 2014 AM EDT Scientists have finally solved the mystery behind one of the oddest dinosaurs ever to roam the Earth. ...

Neanderthal Replica Skull

DNA Analysis Study May Re-Date Human History, Narrows Period of Interbreeding With Neanderthals at 50,000-60,000 Years Ago

Oct 22, 2014 PM EDT New DNA analysis has pegged the first integration between Neanderthals and early modern humans at between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago. ...

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