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Neanderthal Replica Skull

DNA Analysis Study May Re-Date Human History, Narrows Period of Interbreeding With Neanderthals at 50,000-60,000 Years Ago

Oct 22, 2014 PM EDT New DNA analysis has pegged the first integration between Neanderthals and early modern humans at between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago. ...


Early Humans Were Lactose Intolerant For Thousands of Years While Their Genes Adjusted to Farming and Agriculture

Oct 22, 2014 AM EDT When early humans began to move away from hunting and gathering, their genes took a bit longer than previously though to catch up. ...


Earth's Magnetic Field Could Be In for a Flip in a Couple Millenia and It May Take Less Than 100 Years to Complete

Oct 21, 2014 AM EDT Throughout the Earth's history, the planet's magnetic poles have undergone 180-degree flips and the next one could happen in a person's lifetime. ...

Meteor Shower

Orionid Meteor Shower 2014: Rain or Shine, 'There's No Year Better for the Orionids Than This One'

Oct 20, 2014 PM EDT Coming fresh off a blood moon total lunar eclipse, sky-watchers are in for a stunning Orionid Meteor Shower. ...

Bird-Eater Spider

Massive 'Bird-Eating' South American Spider Photographed in its Natural Habitat (PHOTOS)

Oct 20, 2014 AM EDT Some spiders may be content to trap and eat run-in-the-mill flies, but not Theraphosa blondi, AKA: the South American Goliath bird-eater. ...

Mount Ontake

Japan At Heightened Risk of Catastrophic, Unpredictable Volcano Eruptions Since 2011 Earthquake

Oct 17, 2014 PM EDT A massive earthquake that hit Japan in 2011 may still make its effects felt years afterward, as a new study suggests the country's volcanoes are at a higher risk of erupting. ...

Mimas Death Star Moon

Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon May Have Massive Subsurface Ocean, Or Just an Oblong Core

Oct 17, 2014 AM EDT Bearing a strong resemblance to the Death Star, one of Saturn's moons is showing signs of either a strangely shaped core or a massive subsurface ocean. ...

Skin Cancer

Duke Researchers Design Hi-Tech Camera For Accurate Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Oct 17, 2014 AM EDT Duke University researchers have developed a high-resolution camera that is capable of taking snapshots of the entire human body. ...


Working Memory Hampered Among Schizophrenic Patients, Study

Oct 17, 2014 AM EDT Working memory makes learning more difficult among schizophrenic patients, according to a Brown University study. ...

Exercise Plus Chemotherapy Effective Against Cancer Tumors, Study.

Hormone Active During Day Supresses Growth of Cancer Cells, Study

Oct 17, 2014 AM EDT Scientists at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have found that a hormone that keeps humans awake during the day is also responsible for suppressing the growth of cancer cells. ...


Forest Composition in Eastern USA Not Affected by Climate Change, New Study Suggests

Oct 16, 2014 AM EDT New research has suggested that a change in the forests in the Eastern United States' composition is not a result of climate change. ...

Mystery behind Why Human Children Grow Slowly Solved.

Poor Children More Likely To Suffer from Post-Tonsillectomy Complications, Study

Oct 16, 2014 AM EDT Children from low-income families are more likely to suffer from Post-tonsillectomy complications, according to a new study by University of California, Los Angeles. ...

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