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Mysterious Object in Space Either a Black Hole or Supernova, Highly Unique Either Way

Nov 21, 2014 PM EST There is a new and mysterious spatial object and scientists do not know what it is, but whether it is a black hole or supernova, it is unique. ...


Global Temperature Averages On Track to Hit All-Time Yearly High Amid Northeastern U.S. Cold Spell

Nov 21, 2014 AM EST The Northeast - Buffalo in particular - may beg to differ, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says 2014 is on track to be the warmest in the 134-year history of recording ...


Early Tibetans Could Not Have Settled on 'Roof of the Earth' Without Barley

Nov 21, 2014 AM EST Ancient Tibetans settled in their homes in the high altitudes of "the roof of the world," they apparently relied on barley, a frost-resistant crop. ...

Comet 67P

Philae Comet Lander Recorded Itself Landing on Comet 67P, But Only the Audio (HEAR IT)

Nov 20, 2014 PM EST It was only a couple seconds, but a newly released audio clip has let the general public know exactly what a satellite landing on a comet sounds like. ...

Russian Proton Rocket

Russia Testing Satellite That May Be Capable of Tracking Down and Disabling Other Spacecraft

Nov 19, 2014 PM EST Russia's space agency is testing a satellite that may be capable of literally blowing its competition out of the sky. ...

The Moon

Lunar Mission One Hopes to Raise £600m Via Crowdsourcing, Offering Donors Chance to Send DNA to Moon

Nov 19, 2014 AM EST One of your more ambitious Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaigns, Lunar Mission One hopes to raise £500 million when all is said and done to send a robotic spacecraft to the moon. ...


A 10-Second Kiss Could Transfer As Many As 80 Million Bacteria

Nov 18, 2014 PM EST New research suggests that a 10 second kiss can transfers as many as 80 million bacteria. ...


Scientists Discover New Way to Detect Dark Matter; Through GPS Satellites and Atomic Clock Systems

Nov 18, 2014 PM EST The means of detecting dark matter may have been right in front of scientists' faces for years, as a new study finds Global Position Systems (GPS) can do just that. ...


Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Causing Massive Die-Off On U.S. West Coast

Nov 18, 2014 AM EST A massive die-off in starfish on the U.S. West Coast may be attributed to a virus that normally infects insects. ...


Smoking Study: Financial Incentives May Double Quit Rates

Nov 17, 2014 PM EST Financial incentives may help socioeconomically disadvantaged smokers put down the cigarette, according to a recent study. ...


Alzheimer's-Related Memory Disorder Identified

Nov 15, 2014 PM EST A new study has defined and established criteria for a new neurological disease closely resembling Alzheimer's disease called primary age-related tauopathy (PART). ...

Panoramic Comet Photo

Philae Comet Lander's Battery Runs Out; Rosetta Mission Managers Still Optimistic, Reflect on Achievements

Nov 15, 2014 AM EST The European Space Agency's (ESA) Philae comet lander has lost power, but there is still the chance that it will come out of standby mode. ...

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