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Unique Rock Unearthed in Russia With 30,000 Diamonds Lodged in It

Dec 18, 2014 AM EST Russian miners pulled a rock out of the ground in the Alrosa Udachnaya mine with 30,000 diamonds embedded in it. ...

Antarctic Ice

NOAA Says Arctic is Heating Up Faster than Rest of the Globe, a Sure Sign of Global Warming

Dec 18, 2014 AM EST A new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has found that the average temperature in the Arctic is rising twice as fast than it is in the rest of the world. ...


Mistletoes Could Help Fight Obesity-Related Liver Disease

Dec 17, 2014 PM EST Korean researchers found that a compound produced by a particular variety of the plant can help fight obesity-related liver disease in mice. ...

The U.S. At Night

NASA Releases Satellite Imagery That Shows Christmas Lights As Seen From Space

Dec 17, 2014 PM EST When setting up Christmas lights this holiday season one might say, perhaps sarcastically, "they'll be able to see these in space." ...

Quantum-Secure Authentification

Credit Card Fraud Can Be Eliminated With Quantum Physics, Authors of a New Study Say

Dec 17, 2014 PM EST Researchers looking for a new way to prevent credit card fraud are pointing to quantum physics as a way to make them impossible to hack. ...

Mars Landscape

Mars Curiosity Rover Update: NASA Says Onboard Lab Detected Bursts of Methane on Red Planet

Dec 16, 2014 PM EST NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has noticed intermittent methane "belching" on the Red Planet, though the space agency was not able to identify the source. ...


Origin of Horse Domestication Explored in New DNA Analysis Study

Dec 16, 2014 PM EST New DNA analysis has pinpointed what changed in ancient horses to the domesticated ones today that run in races. ...


Cocaine, Amphetamine Users May Be More Likely To Attempt Suicide

Dec 16, 2014 AM EST New research from the University of Montreal and the CHUM Research Center suggest that people who use stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine have a nearly two-fold greater likelihood of suicidal ...


NASA Offers Public the Chance to Name Craters on Mercury, Thanks to MESSENGER Data

Dec 16, 2014 AM EST Now that the MESSENGER orbiter has been gathering data on Mercury's craters for three years, NASA wants to name some of them and has invited the public to help. ...


Many Patients Don't Understand Risks of Unnecessary Antibiotics

Dec 15, 2014 PM EST New research suggests that many patients don't understand the risk of the unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics, which is a major factor driving one of the biggest public health concerns today: ...


Birds Had Teeth More than 100 Million Years Ago, New Study Pinpoints When They Lost Them

Dec 15, 2014 AM EST Some 116 million years ago, a common ancestor to all modern birds had teeth. ...

Star HD 107146

Astronomers Unsure What to Make of Adolescent Star Swamped in Pluto-Sized Mini-Planets

Dec 12, 2014 AM EST A sun-like star in its adolescence is apparently in the midst of a swarm of spatial objects the size of Pluto. ...

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