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Mar 18, 2017 01:27 PM EDT

5 Weekly Rituals Coming To ‘Age of Triumph’: Bungie's Last Hurrah Before 'Destiny 2: Forge of Hope’

Here are the weekly dose of exciting "Age of Triumph" rituals and rare loot opportunities which you failed to collect during the past events. The event will kick off on Mar. 28 so get ready for the massive surprise coming your way. Meanwhile, Bungie plans to reveal for more ahead of "Destiny 2" release date.

According to a YouTube video posted by Arekkz Gaming, there are five things coming to "Age of Triumph." The second live event announced the weekly rituals and several are the new things to give each gamer the best experience ahead of the "Destiny 2: Forge of Hope" unveiling. Check them out below:

"Age of Triumph" The Beginning - This is the final event before "Destiny 2" and it recommends a quest from the speaker. This quest is made up of 12 steps which gamers have to figure upon talking to the speaker and the idea is simply experience various past activities of the game.

"Age of Triumph" New Eververse Treasures - This is practically the last chance to get various items that are not crossing over "Destiny 2" and there are three sources to get the loots of the week which are definitely made better than before.

"Age of Triumph" New Lord Shaxx Bounties - This time around, Lord Shaxx will have two different bounties including A Hunt For Glory and Taking Control on a weekly basis starting Mar. 28. Meanwhile, how the quest change goes, for now, remains unclear.

"Age of Triumph" More Weekly Activities and Rewards - There will be a new section in the map where gamers can access weekly activities like The Crucible, Story Mission and Nightfall. The Treasure of the Ages is currently the most sought after feature of the live event.

"Age of Triumph" Blue Flames Comeback - In the early days of Destiny, gamers who have completed the Nightfall gets fired up with the Blue Flames on the head and remains for an entire week. This time it is making a comeback for "Age of Triumph" 2017. Blue Flames increases XP.

Meanwhile, Bungie is expected to hold another live event this weekend to discuss the new gears and Raids which will be featured in the final "Destiny" Live Event, IGN reported.


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