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Gerard Butler To Play Patrick Swayze's Character In 'Point Break' Remake: Our Top Three Candidates To Play Keanu Reeves, Or 'Johnny Utah'

Gerard Butler will star in his second career surf move ("Chasing Mavericks" was the first) when filming for the remake of "Point Break" begins, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Currently, Butler and producers are in the back end of negotiations to secure the man who made his name as King Leonidas in "300." He'll fill the role of Bodhi, or the surfer-turned-bank robber played by Patrick Swayze. No word yet on who'll take the other spots or who'll play Keanu Reeves' now immortalized character, Johnny Utah.

With absolutely no insider information at all, here's our predictions for who should be locking themselves in a cabin right now, trying to perfect the subtle intonations and physical habits of Johnny Utah:

1.    Keanu Reeves: He's still alive, right? Why not? He's also in great shape, evidenced by his commitment to martial arts in films like "47 Ronin" and "Man of Tai Chi." At 50 years old, Reeves could still pull off this role, with only slight plot adjustments. Many 50 year olds have never surfed before, which means montage reels of Reeves learning the craft could still fit in the remake. At the least, Reeves should get a cameo.

2.    Dave Franco: Reeves was 27 when he played Utah. Franco, the younger and arguabley more talented brother of James, is 27. Did you see his performance in "Now You See Me?" Franco may naturally be a little too sharp for this one, but he makes up for it with practiced immaturity, enough to be fooled by the conniving Swayze, I mean Butler!

3.    Channing Tatum: Tatum always has the same haircut in every role. Time to see some "flow." Yet, he may detect some danger in this role. As a craftsman searching for either respectability or laughs, a "Point Break" remake may not offer either, so immortalized is the film in cult lore (for not the best of reasons). He's so far had a pretty good knack in choosing respectable comedies/action comedies; otherwise, his movies of choice have been dramas, and he's yet to really star in a thriller/action movie yet (the closest being "Fighting"). I still want to see him take it anyway. Maybe he will.

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