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Baby's Gender Matters: Study Claims Pregnant Women Carrying Girls are Prone to More Inflammations [VIDEO]

Medical research has learned that a baby's gender can affect the expectant's health.

Different levels of cytokines

Cytokines are the immune markers that can be identified based on the baby's sex and each pregnant woman produces different levels of cytokines.  

The research published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, analyzed 80 pregnant women and recorded the different level of cytokines based on the baby's gender. The samples were taken to labs for further examination by exposing them to bacteria to find out the defense mechanism.

A pregnant woman carrying a female baby was reportedly producing more immune cells than when compared to a pregnant woman carrying a baby boy. This could be a good thing but the increasing level of cytokines could also mean that they are more susceptible to sickness as it triggers inflammatory responses.

What happens when there is excessive inflammation?

Inflammatory responses can lead to fatigue, achiness and an increase in stress levels. Chronic health issue associated with female fetus includes asthma.

Lead author Amanda Mitchell said that the baby's sex plays an important role in deciding the health treatments needed for the mothers-to-be, Medical Express reported.

The study helps obstetricians to analyze and better recognize the maternal inflammations in order to tackle the immune challenges such as viruses and infections.

However, Mitchell went on to say that baby's gender does not solely determine the immune responses. The sex hormones and placenta condition may also contribute to inflammations.


Other supporting factors that promote healthy immune system


Studies show that exercise and having a healthy diet can contribute to healthy immune function. Relaxation like meditation is found to be one of the keys to lowering anxiety in pregnant women.


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