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[SPOILERS] ‘One Piece’ Chapter 848 Follows Sanji, Who Might Challenge Big Mom for holding Luffy and Nami captive

With how things are going, it seems like Sanji and Pudding's wedding might get cancelled in "One Piece" chapter 848.

Sanji will find out that Big Mom has Nami and Luffy under her clutches, The Bitbag reported. This would be a detrimental situation as Sanji and Pudding's arranged wedding might be put in jeopardy as Big Mom might be killed by Monkey D. Luffy.

Spoilers from Chapter 847

By the end of chapter 847, Luffy and Nami were defeated miserably by the army of Big Mom, and was jailed in the Whole Cake Island Prison. While two of his friends were in prison, Sanji tried to talk Big Mom into letting Luffy and Nami go.

Just as Sanji thought that Big Mom would indeed let Luffy and Nami go for the condition that Sanji would marry Pudding, she still put the two pirates in prison. Luffy later on challenged to battle her, but Big Mom withdrew.

Sanji is faced with difficult situations that calls for him to make important decisions. It seems like hee is currently contemplating about the whole idea. However, there still a small hope left with Pedro and Brooks looking for the poneglyphs, which said to be located in the Room of Treasure.

"One Piece" Chapter 848: What to Expect

There are reports that Sanji is just riding along Big Mom's drama so that he can be included in her good graces. However, Sanji is also thinking of his own way to escape the hopeless situation. Sanji will finally discover where Luffy and Nami are held as prisoners, Sports Rageous reported.

There are reports that Luffy will kid Big Mom, especially that he challenged her. If Sanji will find out that Big Mom still has Luffy and Nami, there is a big chance that Sanji will challenge Big Mom.

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