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Nov 30, 2016 01:23 AM EST

Did Nostradamus Predict Nuclear War and Apocalypse in 2017? Prediction Accurrate with Trump Victory

Conspiracy theorists believe that prophesier Nostradamus has predicted Donald Trump's victory in the US Presidential election. Nostradamus Predictions 2017 says Trump victory would lead to Nuclear War that would bring chaos to the whole world.

Nostradamus believers said the prophesier has predicted Trump's victory backing the 16th century, Express reported. The proof is seen in Nostradamus' writing in Century III, Quatrain 81. It says that there will be a great shameless, and audacious brawler that will be elected leader of the army.

Predictions in Nostradamus' Writings

Many followers off the prophesier believe that the leader is considered Donald Trump, while the army is the strongest army on Earth, which is from the USA. 

The Quatrain continues saying the bridge will be broken. Also, in Century I, Quatrain 40, Nostradamus said the false Trumpet will bring the fall of Byzantium and will change its laws.

Century VIII, Quatrain 20 talks about the rigged election, which for most is what happened with the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

Possible Explanations

The word Trumpet impeccably coincides with Trump's name, Morning Ledger reported. Byzantium, on the other hand, is a great city in Greece in the past.

Now Greece is buried in piles of debt, with refugees fleeing to that country. Greece is one topic that Donald Trump always talks about.

Broken bridges, the fall of Byzantium, and the change of laws could all pertain to the end of the world, according to conspiracy theorists. Followers of Nostradamus believe that this could mean a war that would consume the whole world. This could be brought upon only by a nuclear war.

There are even reports saying that Nostradamus followers believe that the prophecier predicts that Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ and will bring the Apocalypse.

But some followers are at ease, because if Nostradamus' predictions are coming true, then it only means everything is going according to plan.

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