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Colored Students Cried Foul Over Academic’s And Administrators' Inaction To Eliminating Racist Culture On Campus! [VIDEO]

It seems that racist culture is still at bay in the American University campus.
It seems that racist culture is still at bay in the American University campus.
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It seems that racist culture is still at bay in the American University campus. As a consequence, colored students, the usual victims of racism and eventual harassment, cried foul over academic's and administrators' inaction to eliminating such dangerous culture.

Perhaps the most plausible faire-starter for this racial shenanigan according to reports is the latest complaint filed by a black student following a "banana incident". The banana incident entails an event last September 8 wherein a black female student was thrown a banana and at a separate occasion, had a rotten banana placed outside her door, USA Today College reported.

After the incident was reported in the student paper called "the Eagle", administrators and academics promised a response in preventing like incidents from happening in the future. However, a surge of colored students instantly raised their concerns Friday last week and insisted that a single action still hasn't been done.

Thus, on Monday, not less than a hundred people, including students and alumni from the said university gathered to protest in the university campus to remind administrators and academics about the urgency of such issue. By all means, their inaction towards eliminating racist culture in the American university campus has had to be addressed with the utmost pressure, Think Progress stated.

Thereunto, the student-turned-protesters cried foul over such inaction and blatantly warned that if their calls remain unnoticed, the university administration will continue to be indirectly involved in the discriminative act. Next, a long row of outcries poured in the social media in the days that followed.

One post states, "American University's negligence is what has allowed this to happen. There's a reason students feel comfortable to assault Black students on campus", says Ma'at Sargeant, the university's BSA president.

In response, American University president Neil Kerwin, issued a statement saying, "I share with many of you deep disappointment and frustration that these events have disrupted our community and challenged our efforts to build an inclusive campus culture.

They simply have no place here. We will confront racist expressions with forceful condemnation and respond to discrimination with every tool at our disposal. It is incumbent on the university to respond clearly and to educate those who cause harm with their insensitivity and ignorance", NewsOne reported.

Just today, a group of students from Anderson University just expressed their desire to participate in the rally. Fortunately, on Sargeant's lead, future meetings and academic actions had just been organized inside the campus to address the issue at hand the soonest, Think Progress again reported

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