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‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 59, 60 Spoilers, Air Dates, News: Zamasu Kills Gowasu Leads To Beerus Stepping In?

Fans of the hit anime "Dragon Ball Super” have been speculating that a character is about to die.
Fans of the hit anime "Dragon Ball Super” have been speculating that a character is about to die.
(Photo : Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Funimation Entertainment)

Fans of the hit anime "Dragon Ball Super" have been speculating that a character is about to die, as fans have been predicting Supreme Kai Gowasu's fate on the upcoming episode of the series. The plan of Zamasu to kill Gowasu has come into play.

In episode 58 of "Dragon Ball Super," Goku witnessed Future Zamasu wearing a pair of earrings, which is called Potara. The pair of earrings which are only worn by Kaioshins. This made Goku and his pals realize that Universe 10 Gowasu was on the verge of being destroyed.

In the trailer for "Dragon Ball Super's" upcoming episode, it's revealed that Zamasu has the intention of killing his master by making him drink some poisoned tea. The video trailer shows Zamasu and the Supreme Kai were having tea, then Gowasu drops his cup and spills his tea, according to Vine Report.

However, the airing of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 59 has been delayed by a week because Fuji TV changed the process of scheduling its TV programs. Instead of the regular "Dragon Ball Super," the TV network will telecast the 40th Anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, based on the report of Christian Post.

Anyway, the upcoming episode 60 of "Dragon Ball Super" is expected to start with the death of Gowasu in the hands of his apprentice. Goku and Vegeta arrive in Universe 10, but the "Dragon Ball Super" characters are too late to stop the incident, MNR Daily reported.

The murder of the Supreme Kai appears to have ignited Beerus, as the character is said to step in and kill the present Supreme Kai apprentice so that the future will be safe. But, Future Trunks appears uncomfortable with the situation, and make a decision to go to the future to make sure that things have been improved by the death of Zamasu.

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