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Pregnant Women Must Eat Avocados to Change Breast Milk Flavor Profile, Study Says [INFOGRAPHICS]


New study found that avocado is a must-eat fruit for pregnant women. Albeit the obsession to exercise and eat well, pregnant women can now find relief as they could obtain the recommended nutrients from avocados.

Avocados: great sources of good fats for pregnant women

According to a research published in Nutrients, the fruit benefits for low glycemic diet. In fact, it fits for those doing Mediterranean diet - a healthy diet style for pregnant women. Furthermore, avocados are rich in folate, a source of vitamin B that could assist infant health.

Pregnant women need adequate anti-oxidant intake

With many evidence showing the benefit of antioxidant intake during pregnancy, avocados could help reducing the risk of birth defects. The study reads that avocados have highest antioxidant property among other vegetables and fruits.

Avocados and infant's flavor preferences

The research includes another benefit of avocado, stating that the fruit can change flavor profile in breast milk. It contains fatty acids and the nutrients that could change the breast milk composition which assist infants in their willingness to try new foods later.

Study suggests avocados should be listed in USDA food recommendations

Although scientists suggest further research on avocados as a nutrient source for pregnant women, they also recommend the food to be listed in USDA food guidelines during pregnancy. Avocado, according to the study, is a unique nutrition source with all of the values benefit for pregnant and lactating women, Daily Mail has learned.

The range of benefits can contribute to a pregnant woman diet and complement the healthy foods they consume, even during lactation.

There are often worries in pregnancy because of the uncertainty. Some pregnant women are even found to suffer pregorexia due to their obsession with diets during pregnancy, CNN reported. The new finding on avocados should offer an ease to mom-to-be so they can obtain healthy eating lifestyle with a simple ingredient.

The Vegan-momma shares an infographics of the nutrition needed during pregnancy

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