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Jun 23, 2017 08:46 AM EDT

"Overwatch" players are in for a treat as Blizzard pitched in a good news that players can expect the loot boxes to have fewer duplicate items in the future. Meanwhile, players can now grab the Horizon Lunar Colony map in "Overwatch."

Several players have experienced opening a fresh loot box and a legendary item pop, but turns out to be a duplicate Zarya Cybergoth skin. Nonetheless, Blizzard director Jeff Kaplan made it known that players can expect the loot boxes to have fewer duplicate items. In a developer update video, the Blizzard director said that the reduction in duplicates will be fantastic, Polygon reported.

Kaplan said that the loot box experience will have significant improvements. The Blizzard director also stated that one of the things they are going to do is to drastically reduce the duplicates that "Overwatch" players will get out of any loot box.

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment announced the Horizon Lunar Colony map last month, and now, the Patch made the map available for all "Overwatch" enthusiasts. Among the essential things that come along with this update are the significant balance changes as well as some tweaks and fixes.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map is set on the moon, and has a portion that includes a low-gravity area. As the Horizon Lunar Colony map extends to other "Overwatch" maps, it is not an exclusive functionality. Both player and projectile can now be adjusted on any map gravity.

Along with the most recent Patch, the one-man apocalypse Roadhog has the most significant updates. As Roadhog's survivability has been improved, the primary change of the character comes from his weapon. The Scrap Gun's clip size is raised to five and it can fire with a 30 percent boost in speed, Game Spot reported.

Also, the "Overwatch" Patch brings Hero adjustments in McCree and Reaper. Another fine addition in the game is the Office D.Va and Oni Genji skins.

Watch The Video Here:

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