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Jun 21, 2017 10:58 AM EDT

Internships help students land a full-time job right after graduation. It teaches them almost everything about the industry in the real corporate world. If there is a misconception about it, people often think that internships are as easy as getting coffee and photocopying documents.

To maximize the benefits of internships, one must behave accordingly. Here are five tips on how students should act within the first month of the program:

First impressions last

Just like in a regular job, the first two months are always vital. Per Yahoo Finance UK, making a good impression matters to employers very much. Show the manager excitement, engagement, and seriousness about work. Aside from looking professional, showing early is a plus point.

Take Notes

According to CNBC, students should treat internships as regular classes. They should look at the manager as the teacher and the office as the school. Learn from senior officials and co-workers who have been in the job for years already. During a meeting, always jot down notes.

Be the first one to approach

For one, interns are the newcomers. While some employees are kind enough to make them feel at home, others will not approach the newbie first. The interns must be the one to bridge the gap. The best times to ask about their professional experiences are during coffee breaks and lunch time.


Do not be shy. Always go the extra mile. Besides, no one will learn from just reading books and watching other people do it. The application is more important. However, do not ruin professional work. Ask for instructions and accomplish the tasks right.

Note accomplishments

Either every day or every week, record all of the completed work. It will not only help interns keep track of their work, it will also boost their confidence. Seeing a lot of accomplishments will definitely inspire one person to do more the next day.

Notes of accomplishments will also come in handy when it is time to ask for a recommendation letter. In the end, it will vouch for an assured employment. When it comes, grab it.

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