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Jun 14, 2017 10:09 AM EDT

Following the announcement of AMD Rzyen Threadripper 16 cores to roll out this summer, PC users have something great to look forward to. AMD designed the new CPU as the fastest-performing and the cheapest PC device to be ever created. However, the specs of the AMD Rzyen Threadripper 16 can surpass the performance of Intel's products.

The AMD Rzyen Threadripper will cost about $849 for an entry-level desktop, whereas Intel products could go over $1000. The Threadripper will have the AMD Rzyen processor with 16 cores as well as 32 threads. AMD's new CPU will arrive with a 40 MB X399 platform along with a quad-channel memory and a 64 PCIe lanes, Ocaholic reported.

AMD's SVP Jim Anderson, stated that the Ryzen Threadripper, which is AMD's latest innovation, is aimed at the ultra-high-end performance in PCs. The news on the AMD Rzyen Threadripper follows weeks of anticipations in light of Intel company also rolling out its new high-end processor.

AMD could launch the Ryzen Threadripper as the most powerful consumer central processing unit (CPU) ever made. Wherein, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper will boast a quad-channel memory, and the new CPU can't be delided easily due to a solder thermal interface material, PC World reported.

It has been said that Intel can't even come close to the performance as well as the price of the AMD Ryzen. Whether as a high-end or budget system, AMD's Ryzen processors can handle the toughest workload on a desktop.

Based on early reviews, AMD appears to have the upper hand, but it is still PC enthusiasts who will benefit the most from AMD's innovations. A PC user who does 3D rendering, video editing, simultaneous audio and other heavy-duty tasks should welcome all of AMD's fast-performing processor options with open arms. In spite of that, AMD is expected to get the huge market share in the PC industry.

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