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Apr 17, 2017 01:40 PM EDT

Cameron Diaz is all about sharing her wisdom, and it came as no surprise to young YouTube superstar Zoella. Also known as Zoe Sugg, the vlogger (video blogger) has millions of fans but is also a prime target for critics, trolls and speculation over everything she says and does.

When the young vlogger was struggling with her career she shared during her recent Q&A vlog how Cameron Diaz skyped her and helped her through it. Zoella, arguably one famous YouTuber had her fair share of difficult moments.

A fan asked her if she felt she would want to live a life without YouTube and fame. She replied with a yes and shared that she nearly stopped vlogging (video blogging). She talked about how she really struggled and thought it was the lowest point or one of the lowest points of her entire life. She said it wasn't about vlogging, that it was more about her not feeling like she could handle the pressure of everything and if she was worthy of it.

She never shared her one-on-one talk with Cameron Diaz before, Zoe said. She added it was a huge help for her. No one knew that Cameron Diaz was to thank for Zoella's continuing career on YouTube.

Just Jared reported that Diaz, a 44-year-old actress, coached her for an hour and a half and gave her the best tips and advice about the business. Zoe she claims to carry and apply all those advise with her in her career in order to get back to a good place.

Zoe said that for Diaz to spend time to speak to her meant the world and she sees Diaz as honestly one of the loveliest people in the world. The full story can be watched in 'Questions I've Never Answered Pt. 2' on her YouTube channel, Cosmopolitan reported.

It only goes to show how much a mentor can help in one's career. Learning from experts with experiences on the field can surely help one's career and journey grow.

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