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Apr 11, 2017 01:11 PM EDT

NASA will release new data on oceans discovered on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons on April 13. It is expected to tackle more about Europa and its vast ocean underneath miles of ice. Aside from the discovery of exoplanets with water, it is more of an event to know more about alien oceans that are just within the Solar system's neighborhood.

Europa has been among the most intriguing moons in the Solar System, first because of the supposed moon-wide ocean that lies beneath hundreds of miles of ice. Aside from this is Enceladus, a moon of Saturn and it's supposed methane-rich atmosphere, which could harbor life. For decades, NASA and various independent astronomers believe that Europa is literally an ocean world.

Various observations on the Jovian moon show telltale signs of cracks on its icy surface. According to conservative estimates, the water that is believed to be underneath the icy crust is more than all of the Earth's combined. NASA are planning two space expedition on the Europa, one being a flyby on the moon in 2022, while a lander mission will be conducted two years after. It would be the next major attempt to find extraterrestrial life within the Solar System after landing on Mars.

On Saturn, The Cassini spacecraft, which will eventually crash into Saturn on September 15, this year have provided a library of data concerning the planet Enceladus. The geysers of Enceladus is a major item of interest for astronomers, as this meant chemical processes that is similar to volcanic vents on Earth. Saturn's Dione, its fourth largest moon may also be like Europa, which a vast ocean underneath a crust of ice. This and other discoveries are expected to discussed by NASA on their announced press conference on April 13. Astronomy is inching closer towards understanding how the planets developed, how water managed to form on Earth and the ultimate question of all, is there extraterrestrial life in the universe.

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