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Apr 03, 2017 11:10 AM EDT

Have you ever heard of the Latin word "Magis"? It means more. It means doing more than just the bare minimum. With that in mind, Varsity Academics encourage students to discover their full potentials when it comes to writing college essays.

Now, college students everywhere claim that the most stressful part of their undergraduate admissions process was writing an application essay. The Founder and publisher of "The Concorde Review", Will Fitzhugh, said that most American students fail at writing a "coherent, well-researched" essay. In fact, when the federal government measured the writing skills of middle and high school students, it found that almost three out of four flop at writing proficiency tests.

Moreover, per Boston Globe, even the bosses at the corporate scene struggle to keep their workers competent through remedial writing courses. Reportedly, they spend as much as $3.1 billion per year just for this program. Basically, Fitzhugh adopted the way of Varsity Academics to arouse the "sleeping" writers on campus.

Foremost, Fitzhugh believes that what works for high school athletics could definitely work for writing too. Teachers, like coaches, need to "promote and praise" their top achievers so that other students will be inspired by their examples. Simply put, young minds need incentives to keep it going.

Moreover, pretty much like setting standards, there would be no champions in sports if there are no competitions. Students need to feel a healthy rivalry in order for them to strive for more. When people strive for more, they discover their full potentials and everything else follows.

Now, per Omaha World Herald, a college application essay is not synonymous to academic write-ups. Instead of being too technical, the former is more like personal. Students need to treat this application requirement as a chance to highlight their skills in their own way. Well, they should let the school know why they would be a great addition to their already amazing academic and campus life.

The same source quoted the Director of Admissions at Creighton University when she talked about the right way to write application essays. Sarah Richardson said that these papers are chances for students to "use their own words" to introduce themselves. Fundamentally, put something that would let college administrators see the passion, a term that is heavier than any GPA or test score.

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