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Jan 04, 2017 08:00 AM EST

The AMD Ryzen chip architecture has performed well in a grueling calculation testing that reveals an engineering sample besting Intel's top-of-the-line i7 CPUs. Moreover, Intel's Kaby Lake processors have established the coming of the quad-core CPUs, which will be seen in CES 2017 in an unprecedented battle of CPUs with AMD coming in with powerful hardware.

AMD Ryzen Benchmarked

The AMD Ryzen was put to the test in a recently released benchmark performed by Canard PC, a French Tech outlet where an engineering sample of the Ryzen chip was put up against the publicized benchmarks of Intel's topnotch i7 processors. The Ryzen chip prototype despite clocking only 3.3GHz, which is lower than its promise of 3.6GHz, was able to perform well in a highly demanding calculation test.

AMD Ryzen In Gaming

The eight-core AMD Ryzen chip outperformed the six-core i7 6800k, but was outpaced by the eight-core i7 6900k. Moreover, the Ryzen faltered in a head-to-head gaming test, only because many of the games played did not optimize the large number of cores that Ryzen has claimed. Many of the games utilize four cores of even less, which explains on how the quad-core i7 6700k was able to come out as the top, BGR reported.

AMD Ryzen in CES 201

The AMD Ryzen is expected to be launched in CES 2017 along with the Radeon Vega graphics cards. However, Intel's Kaby Lake processors will also be unveiled, making PC enthusiasts excited on the coming battle of CPUs as the quad-core feature is becoming imminent.

The AMD Ryzen stands a good chance to outperform Intel's premium CPUs when it comes to the actual product and in a real-world performance based on its impressive specs, which have been made public several times. Consumers only hope that AMD will put a friendly price tag on the new chip as opposed to Intel's pricey six-generation Skylake processors. As previously reported, the AMD Ryzen could fetch a price from $149 to $499 dollars depending on the variant according to wccftech.

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