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Dec 22, 2016 09:00 AM EST

AMD recently introduced it's their next-generation CPU architecture a few days ago at the annual AMD Tech Summit event in California. AMD's latest salvo in the multibillion-dollar chipmaking industry is a new 8-core/16-thread version of the AMD's Summit Ridge platform, whose codename is Ryzen.

AMD is said to use the Ryzen brand name for the company's Zen-based enthusiast processors. Based on Zen core architecture, the Ryzen CPU is said to feature 8 cores and 16 threads along with a shared cache of 4 MB + 16 (8+8) MB (L2+ L3), according to wccftech.

After its recent introduction, now comes the highlights, the benchmark tests. The Ryzen chip that has been tested in the benchmark tests was just the same model that was used in the recent AMD's New Horizon demonstration.

According to wccftech, AMD's new Ryzen CPU is clocked at 3.4GHz base clock against the Core i7-7700K, with Ryzen coming out on top. However, this is already expected, as the Intel Core i7-7700K is only a 4-core/8-thread CPU compare to the much faster 8-core/16-thread AMD Ryzen CPU.

Cinebench R15 Benchmark test:
In Cinebench R15 benchmark, the AMD Ryzen chips scored 1188 cb points in the CPU rendering test, while rival chip Intel Core i7-7700K scores 966 points at stock and 1083 points when overclocked to 5 GHz as seen in the latest leaked benchmarks. Intel Core i7-6900K processor made a huge comeback, scoring up to 1500 cb points while the Core i7-6950X flagship CPU scores beyond 1800 cb points at stock clocks.

Fritz Chess Benchmark test:
Next, comes the Fritz Chess benchmark tests, where AMD scores a relative score of 36.86 points and 17693 Kilo Nodes per second. Comparing the AMD results to the Intel Core i7-7700K which scores 35.52 points and 17,049, and the Core i7-6950X with 24,000 points.

AMD has not yet fully revealed the full specs of its upcoming Zen CPU, which better known as AMD Ryzen. At this time, AMD has only provided the basic key features such as its 8-cores similar to Intel i7-6900k.

The chip features a much higher Base Frequency at 3.4GHz, simultaneous multithreading, a 40 percent IPC performance gain, an improved cache system, better core engines, and more improved clock gating with multi-level regions. Thus, giving consumers a huge amount of time to think whether they would stick on Intel chips or go with the new AMD chip.

AMD CEO Lisa Su has also announced that AMD Ryzen will ship with a maximum power draw of 95 watts, backing the company's strategy of providing more performance per watt, according to Digital Trends.

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