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Dec 03, 2016 12:23 PM EST

LG UltraFine 4K monitor is a collaboration effort between Apple and LG to come up with a perfect monitor for the new MacBooks.

With the introduction of the new MacBooks this year, and with the advent of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 technology, it is now set to make monitors relevant to itself again. However, Apple announced that they are moving away from the monitor business altogether, according to Verge.

But fortunately, Apple partnered with LG in creating a pair of "UltraFine" Thunderbolt 3 monitors that we have featured in an earlier report. The collaboration brought out the 27-inch UltraFine 5K Monitor with Thunderbolt 3 and the 21.5-Inch UltraFine 4K Monitor which are perfect for USB-C equipped MacBooks.

Though they are generic looking, they are not what one might call ugly. The LG UltraFine 4K Monitor is equipped with four USB-C ports responsible for all inputs and outputs. One of the USB-C ports can be used to provide power to the MacBook while receiving the display signal coming from it by using only one cable.

The other three USB-C ports can be used for other peripherals though they will be limited to using USB 2.0 due to the bandwidth-splitting solution to facilitate a 4K signal through USB-C. The 27-inch 5K model does not have this limitation since employs the Thunderbolt 3 interface, however, it loses compatibility since MacBooks use USB-C only. You'll need a MacBook Pro Model to drive the 5K monitor, according to 9TO5Mac.

Although there are still evident birth pains in using the newer USB-C interface, it is still easy to setup once you have the right cables and adapters at hand. Furthermore, the image quality of the LG 4K UltraFine Monitor is hardly a reason to complain about.

Simple reading and browsing show a visible improvement using the LG 4K UltraFine Monitor. Accordingly, the high resolution the monitor offers mean less zooming for those who use Lightroom to check finer details.

LG UltraFine 4K 21.5-inch monitor will set you back $524 and available to order from If you cannot wait for the 5-6 week shipping time, some Apple stores might have them in stock where you can walk in and pick-up one on the spot.

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