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Nov 05, 2016 08:43 AM EDT

Ross DeVol and his colleagues at the Milken Institute acted out through the recent update of the State Technology and Science Index (STSI), emphasizing that science and technology is very essential in hitting high scores for economic success. First and foremost, there is yet a need to categorize particular leading science and technology institutes in the US. The following ranking results made by STSI overwhelmed quite a number of academics and expressed a major thread of institutes within Blue U.S. states.

But before excitedly getting their hands into ranking, the analysts at STSI made sure that the ranking method is in accordance with fair, scientific jurisdiction. Thus, indicators were introduced in media, headed by 5 broad categories- entrepreneurship, human capital, research and development, technological workforce and the concentration and dynamics of high-tech industries, City Lab reported.

Finding and categorizing the best from the lagging science and technology institutes is a necessary move in firing-up the country's industry. A "great divide" as experts would brand it, based on Ross DeVol and his colleagues' report, is so far the main indictor of an achieved objective following this cause.

Meanwhile, US universities also dominate the list of the "2017 Best Global Universities ranking". This is one good sign that the country's standard for higher education has been maintained through the years. Subsequently, the likes of the Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc. reveal how much the Blue U.S. states score high in terms of science and technology innovation, US News

Here are the results according to ranking:

1. Massachusetts- 83.67

2. Colorado- 80.40

3. Maryland- 80.31

4. California- 75.94

5. Washington- 71.84

6. Connecticut- 71.05

7. Minnesota- 69.58

8. Utah- 69.14

9. Virginia- 65.88

10. Delaware- 65.38

In an STSI map at Main Prosperity Institute, the universities found within the ranked states have yielded high in terms of science and tech accomplishments as per 5 broad categories- entrepreneurship, human capital, research and development, technological workforce and the concentration and dynamics of high-tech industries. In a color ratio, the states in the blue plot score the highest and express potential in bridging the "great divide" by leading other institutes for high economic feats through science and tech (STEM) program.

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