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Sep 18, 2016 06:44 AM EDT

The latest improvements in 'Pokémon Go' have unveiled the buddy system. This function is available as soon as you upgrade 'Pokémon Go' game to the newest version. This will enable you to have options of being followed by one of your Pokémon; the avatar will follow your movements on the map.

Players who are familiar with this game have been asking one subtle question; what is the main catch? Movement around the city will always give reward you with candy, this increases as you continue walking, Game Spot reported.

However, this sounds intriguing but after mulling you find out that the candies drop rate has decreased considerably, this is inevitably the point where you get to understand the real catch. The realization of where the catch is, comes into your mind when you find out that the candies drop rate is significantly low; this implies that you have to be very lucky to accumulate candies as you walk. Some Pokémon buffs have reported that they walked almost one mile but they only got a candy whereas others walked five times more and they still got one candy, Forbes reported.

This particular 'Pokémon Go' function is very essential as it will really encourage game enthusiasts to get out of the coziness  and walk for long distances; several kilometers will get a player quite a few candies if they are fortunate enough. There is a great probability that the new improvement will transform the whole entire idea, this is because of the extensive distance through which a player is required to walk.

Many Pokémon enthusiasts lay claim that they need to catch some Pokémon like Magikarp or earn enough candies to get to the Gyarados level; well, to catch such Pokémon's its achievable if you gain around 400 candies. 400 candies? Yes, you heard me right; this requires you to be lucky enough to acquire one candy for every single kilometer amounting to a 400 kilometers' walk

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