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Aug 19, 2016 09:20 AM EDT

The grandness of the Rio Olympic 2016 Women's Basketball figuratively transforms girls into women. Adding title to the badge, it's mostly the American women that rule over Rio.

Tearing open the sheets of impossibility, American women athletes, who were once young girls dreaming for the Olympics; eventually fill the charts in the 11th day of the world-sports event with gained medals, awards, recognitions and similar feats. Nevertheless, these women gained all media attention for introducing the less known sports domains formerly considered by the world as impenetrable by women.

To start off, these women, who were young girls then, grew up with encouragements. Mustering enough courage, they ventured into the path they had faith into and eventually weighed in the means.

Through discipline, diligence and faith, these women ended up leaving a mark in this year's Olympic history, the Los Angeles Times reported.

All-in-all, the U.S. women athletes have earned a total of 41 medals with 17 gold medals included. Apparently, this is so far the highest record any group of women athletes in a country has ever earned. In the U.S. team's own counting, the women beat the men by almost a quarter more of gold medals and other recognitions.

As per August 18 Women's Basketball updates, the U.S. Women's team once again holds the ball atop the rest. In terms of starting the fourth quarter round, the U.S. Women's team had naturally gained favor over Japan with 81-59 and had since been predicted to go higher for a gold medal, Reuters.

Finally, for the final quarter, Japan was able to score only 5, while U.S. scored a buzzing 46. There might be so much going on in here, but the turnabouts of the game event are as clear as black ink in white paper- the U.S. Women's team is definitely dominating once again the Rio Olympic 2016 Basketball.

For the record, all straight since 1992, the U.S. women's team hadn't had encountered defeat. This is, by all means a major indication that all these wins by the American women athletes were not products of sheer accident, NPR reported.

The history writes it. The medal is there to prove it.

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