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May 16, 2016 06:26 AM EDT

Donald Trump campaign for higher education will say no to Hillary Clinton debt-free proposal for higher education. Trump also disagrees on Bernie Sanders program to have higher education's public institutions offering studies for free.

Sam Clovis, economist from Morningside college and policy director for Trump's campaign, says that the idea is absurd. Furthermore, the professor who is currently on leave to work with Trump, says that the GOP nominee does not endorse President Obama's plan for the 'free community college'. According to Clovis, the community colleges are already near free and affordable for almost everyone, Quartz has learned.

Community college program

Trump campaign on community colleges will be about serving students that can succeed. Clovis made a research on the community college and there are many job trainings found to equip students with appropriate skills.

Clovis does not comment on how current authority handles sex assaults in schools but there will be a proposed plan to move Education Department Office to Department of justice. Civil rights, according to Clovis, is an important aspect and the guidance would be effective if it is put under one roof with the Justice Department. Trump campaign for higher education would be a good move considering the current system requires schools to abandon full due process, as reported by the Forbes.

Freedom of speech

Clovis further addresses issue on the freedom of expression in many campuses debates. The academic has been a fan of academic freedom and the campuses are supposed to accommodate that as long as it is conducted in full responsibility.

Let's not forget about a case where a professor defends gay students but got suspended by the university, as reported by University Herald.

Clovis who highlights the Trump campaign for higher education proposal, explains how students that make demands have to be taken into account using a 'calm approach'. He states that people may not agree on what an individual is saying but if this is a student in a campus, then the institution has to listen.

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