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International Team Of University Scientists Discover How Carnivorous Plants Came About

Feb 09, 2017 AM EST Different types of pitcher plants developed carnivory independently but ended up with similar characteristics.

Power Plants Will Emit 300 Billion More Tons of CO2 during Their Lifetime, Study

Aug 28, 2014 AM EDT Power plants worldwide will emit more than three billion more tons of carbon dioxide during their lifetimes, according to a study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, and the Princeton ...

Plants Have Eyes That Determines Whether It’s Day or Night, Study

May 06, 2014 AM EDT Plants can determine whether it is day or night due to presence of light-sensitive proteins in cells, according to University of Gothenburg study.

Mystery behind Strange Circular Formations in Baltic Ocean Solved

Feb 01, 2014 AM EST An international team of researchers have solved the mystery behind the strange circular formations in the Baltic ocean.

Sour-Smelling ‘Paste,’ Secreted by Hyenas Helps Them Communicate with Peers, Study

Nov 12, 2013 AM EST Hyenas communicate with each other through a behaviour known as ‘Pasting.’

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