New Study Found That College Students Are Inspired More By Peers [VIDEO]

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT In a Michigan State study, students who were given a rationale for why learning is important from their peers got much better final grades than students who were given the same rationale from the ...

Hyperthyroidism Patients More Likely to Take Extended Sick Leaves than Healthy Peers, Study

Jun 18, 2014 AM EDT Hyperthyroidism patients are more likely to avail sick leave for extended periods than their healthy counterparts, according to a new study by University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Oxford Apologizes For Sending List of Poor-Performing Students to Peers

Jan 15, 2014 AM EST Oxford University apologized for accidentally emailing marks of worst performing undergraduates to their fellow students Monday.

Sour-Smelling ‘Paste,’ Secreted by Hyenas Helps Them Communicate with Peers, Study

Nov 12, 2013 AM EST Hyenas communicate with each other through a behaviour known as ‘Pasting.’

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