Cambridge University Adopts a 3-Legged Cat Named Jasper; Helps Relieves Student Stress [Video]

Apr 12, 2017 AM EDT Jasper, a three legged cat adopted by the deputy librarian in Cambridge University has been helping students find relief from exam stress.

Cat Poop Parasite Effective Against Cancer Tumors, Study

Jul 19, 2014 AM EDT A cat poop parasite has been found to be effective against cancer tumors, according to a study by the Dartmouth University's Geisel School of Medicine.

Cat Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners, Study

Jun 04, 2014 AM EDT A recent study, conducted by researchers at the Carroll University, found that cat owners are smarter than dog owners.

New Monkey Species That Purrs Like Cat Found In Amazon Rainforest

Oct 28, 2013 AM EDT A new discovery in the Amazon rainforest makes cats not the only animal that purrs. A new species of monkey that purrs like a cat has been found in the rainforest, according to a report by the World ...

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