What It Takes to Become a Roedean School Scholar

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What It Takes to Become a Roedean School Scholar

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Often referred to as the all-girls equivalent of Eton College, Brighton's Roedean School awards scholarships and bursaries to hard-working, talented pupils so these individuals can fully enjoy and benefit from their secondary education. Alongside bursaries for pupils in need of financial support, the School offers scholarships for candidates who have made excellent achievements and have the potential to thrive in the School's holistic learning environment

Candidates can apply for scholarships and bursaries when preparing to enter Years 7, 9, or 12. Through these scholarships and bursaries, Roedean School provides an education designed to nurture each secondary school and sixth form pupil's interests and pique their curiosity. 

Candidates can apply for scholarships in academia, sport, art, the performing arts, drama, dance, and music. Here, we'll focus on Roedean School's Academic Scholars' Programme, delving into who should apply for this Programme, how they can apply, and the characteristics of a Roedean Scholar.

What Is the Academic Scholars' Programme?

Roedean School's Academic Scholars' Programme is for pupils who are passionate, enthusiastic, and highly skilled when it comes to academia, especially in a particular subject. 

The School provides Scholars with opportunities to:

  • Mentor peers/younger pupils and run societies as part of the Academic Mentoring Project.

  • Deliver lectures and seminars on their areas of interest as part of the Roedean Academic Lectures or the Roedean Symposium. These lectures take place each week, led by visiting academics like theologian Dr Peter Vardy and analytical chemistry and neuroscience research professional Dr Aya Abdalla.

  • Become an academic prefect.

  • Challenge themselves not only in the classroom but also in national essay competitions and Maths challenges.

  • Complete an independent project, through which they receive mentorship so they can develop their research, analysis, and evaluation skills. For older students, this independent project can be accredited as the Higher Project and Extended Project Qualifications.

  • Undertake the Top University Programme, which offers training for questioning techniques, routes to supra-curricular reading and evaluation of credibility, essay writing techniques, reading lists, and support with research preparation.

  • Share their academic passions and interests in events like debates, Q&A panels, competitions, and the Year 12 Academic Poster Conference.

  • Work with St Mark's Primary School as reading ambassadors and language buddies (KS3).

  • Partake in the Roedean Academy, an academic partnership programme that provides a high-quality academic experience for pupils from Roedean School and local state comprehensives (KS4).

  • Work with the local community through the Community Action Programme (KS5).

  • Enjoy the annual interview exchange with pupils from Lancing College for pupils entering Oxbridge and Early University programmes (KS5).

  • Discuss their progress and opportunities during meetings with subject mentors and the assistant head.

  • Participate in subject-based day trips and international residential trips. 

  • Attend co-curricular seminars, lectures, and workshops, such as the CAD programming in the F24 Electric Car project and the Macbeth workshop for English students.

How Can Pupils Apply for the Academic Scholars' Programme?

Applicants for the Academic Scholars' Programme should:

  • Be in the top 5% of their cohort

  • Perform well across a range of subjects

  • Have a particular passion for one subject in which they excel. 

To secure a scholarship, prospective Year 7 and Year 9 applicants must score highly in entrance tests in Maths, English, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. They must also demonstrate their intellectual curiosity in an interview. Prospective Year 12 candidates must also tick these criteria, plus be predicted at least 7 8-9 grades at GCSE level and sit a scholarship paper that tests their critical thinking and raw ability across several areas.

What are the Characteristics of a Roedean Scholar?

Roedean Scholars exhibit the following characteristics to make the most of their comprehensive education

Roedean Scholars:

  • Lead, support, and include their peers, making a positive, meaningful contribution to the School community.

  • Are open to mentorship so they can develop their skills, deepen their interests, and work towards their ambitions.

  • Take opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities, including productions and events that are relevant to their scholarships.

  • Break out of their comfort zones to challenge themselves and build their confidence.

  • Are passionate about their scholarship areas and make the most of opportunities to communicate their interests and ideas.

  • Pursue and value opportunities for collaborative and independent pursuits.

  • Take risks and learn from mistakes, considering these mistakes a positive part of the learning process.

  • Find their voices and develop the confidence to speak up, developing their values and ambitions.

One Roedean Scholar, deputy head student Rania Haffejee, is a great example of an individual who embodies the above. This autumn, Haffejee achieved a leadership position in the School Representative Council (SRC). Aside from being head of the SRC, Haffejee is a member of the School's swimming team and Monday House Projects, in which she assists children from disadvantaged primary schools with their homework. Haffejee also partakes in the Round Square programme, which enables pupils around the world to benefit from inspiring opportunities and experiences.

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