How does the tado˚ Control the Central Heating Thermostat?

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Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Photo : Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Many people have a central Thermostat installed in their homes to control the house's heating. Mostly the central Thermostat is wired, and some are wireless. tado˚   is connected to the boiler by replacing the central heating system and taking control of the boiler thermostat. For this, you are required to add the tado˚   Smart Thermostat so that it can control the heating in the rooms. 

What is tado˚  Thermostat?

tado˚   Thermostat maintains the house's temperature by connecting to the house's heating system. You can connect many devices with it such as boilers, furnaces etc. A tado˚   boiler thermostat is used to support the house's temperature. It can connect with the boiler Thermostat mainly using a bridge connected to the extension box. tado˚   can also maintain the temperature remotely using the tado˚  ° smart app. Also, you can schedule the heating and track down the energy consumption. One more advantage of replacing the central heating system with the tado˚   smart Thermostat is that it can reduce energy consumption, saving money on the power bill.

How to regulate the Thermostat?

Tap the temperature request icon in the Temperature Report to get started. The Report then displays the different temperatures. You can adjust the temperature manually, or if you want, you can also schedule the time. Otherwise, the tado˚   will control the heating of the house automatically.

As it uses geofencing technology, it can sense people in the home. So, if you leave the house, it will lower the temperature, and once you are back, it will increase the temperature again. Thus, maintaining the temperature of the rooms. You can link as many heating devices with it as you want.

So, to control the central heating system with the tado˚  ° Smart Thermostat, the following setups can be used:

1. tado˚  takes over the boiler, and the Smart Thermostat is installed in the frequently used rooms 

There are separate controls for each area. tado˚  ° will activate the boilers only if someone calls for heat in the room. Once the boiler is activated, it will start maintaining the temperature inside the room by providing heat. To temperature of the room is measured with the help of a Smart Thermostat sensor. You can also check the boiler's temperature through your smartphone using the tado˚  ° smart app.

One thing to note is that in rooms with no smart radiator, the temperature can only be maintained by turning on the boiler Thermostat. Therefore, it is advised that you should turn up the conventional radiator thermostats while the room is used and put them to freeze protection. 

The main tado˚  ° devices which are required:

Setup A having a wired Thermostat requires the following components:

  • one1 starter kit of Wired Digital Thermostat V3+  

  • Extra - Smart Radiators Thermostats to use in each room 

For the second Setup, having a cordless thermostat:

  • one1 starter kit of Wireless Thermostat V3+  

  • Extra - Smart Radiators Thermostats to use in each room 

2. The boiler is controlled by the wired Smart Thermostat.

The temperature, which is measured with the help of a Smart Thermostat, is used to heat the house completely. When tado˚   activates the boiler, the rooms in which the Smart Thermostat is present start heating. All frequently used rooms must have the standard radiator boiler thermostats adjusted to the highest point. If only one or two people are sitting in the room, the temperature must be set to a moderate range to meet the heat requirement.  

The main tado˚  ° devices which are required:

  • One wired Smart Thermostat V3+ Kit consists of the bridge and the Smart Thermostat.  

3. With the help of a Wireless receiver, the temperature sensor maintains the boiler

To control the temperature, the boiler is connected to the wireless receiver. Once the wireless receiver connects, it starts controlling the heating. The temperature is measured with the aid of a Temperature sensor which is also wireless.

When tado˚  ° activates the boiler, the room it is present starts heating up. All frequently used areas should have the standard boiler thermostat set to the highest point. The temperature should be regulated to a medium level in unused spaces to accommodate the reduced need for heat. 

For this, you will require the following things:

  • One wireless smart Thermostat kit V3+ consists of a wireless temperature sensor and an internet bridge to connect with the Thermostat. 

4. tado˚   Smart Radiators Thermostats are present in most rooms but not in the room with a temperature sensor.

tado˚  ° controls the boiler, and some rooms have Smart Radiators Thermostats installed, but not the room with Smart Temperature controller Temperature Sensor. The smart thermostat rooms will only receive heat when you switch the boiler on.

Remember that the area with the connected smart Thermostat and wireless temperature controller will be heated whenever the boiler Thermostat is switched on. There is no Smart Radiator Thermostat fitted. Thus, this room may become warmer than the measured temperature on the Smart Thermostat itself.

The necessary tado˚  ° devices which are required for this are:

For the first Setup, which consists of a wired thermostat:

  • One Wired Digital Thermostat V3+ Kit 

  • Extra things for some rooms you will need a smart radiator thermostat

For the second Setup, you will need a wireless Thermostat:

  • 1x Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ Kit, which consists of a temperature sensor which is also wireless, an internet bridge and a wireless receiver. 

  • Additional things, such as some rooms, will have smart radiator thermostats 

Final Thoughts

tado˚   Smart Thermostat is used to maintain the room's temperature by connecting with the heating systems. Various setups are available based on the requirements to control the central heating system with the tado˚   Smart Thermostat. The tado˚   thermostat kit includes the wired or wireless smart boiler Thermostat with a bridge to connect the Thermostat to the boilers. 

The main advantage of using a smart thermostat is that it can be used remotely to regulate the room's temperature, and the thermostat sensor is used to measure the room's temperature. 

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