Does Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Make You Look Guilty?

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Some people choose not to hire a lawyer because they think they can represent themselves in court, don't have sufficient funds, or believe that it makes them look guilty, among other reasons.

However, hiring a criminal defense lawyer doesn't make you look guilty - quite the opposite. Having a lawyer by your side makes you look more serious about maintaining your innocence, proving it, and maintaining your future and reputation. Learn more here.

But why do people feel that hiring a defense lawyer makes them feel guilty? Let's find out!

Why People Believe Hiring a Lawyer Makes Them Look Guilty

One of the main reasons people believe that hiring a defense lawyer makes them appear guilty is due to movies and TV shows. We are often exposed to various types of media that portray a defendant almost breaking down crying when they request a lawyer as the authorities present their allegations against them.

This often gives us a feeling that the defendant knows they are guilty, and we often associate "I want my lawyer" with "I am guilty." However, this is far from the truth. In fact, choosing to represent yourself, although not incriminating, is the worst thing you could do.

This is not only because you won't have the necessary legal expertise and knowledge to do so, but the court may find your request offensive. When you ask for a lawyer, it showcases that you are serious about your defense, which doesn't say anything about how guilty or innocent you are.

Most likely, the only people that may take a closer look at you if you request a defense lawyer before charges are filed are the police officers. Yet, this again doesn't make you appear any more guilty or innocent. 

Stigmatization and Prejudice

Apart from movies and TV shows, there is also the issue of stigmatization or prejudice. Take, for example, the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Many people believed Johnny was guilty before proving his innocence. 

However, as we later found out, he was found to be innocent by the court. Yet, people may be so accustomed to hearing that a particular group of people are more likely to be a certain way than others that they ignore the fact that they could be wrong. 

For example, you may know some people that commit domestic violence when they are drunk. If you see a movie star facing such accusations, you will most likely believe they are true, regardless if they have a lawyer by their side or not. But as we know, not all people who enjoy drinking turn out violent. With these things stated, it's important to remember that you can't please everyone, and people often are prejudiced. You shouldn't worry if hiring a lawyer makes you appear more guilty because some people will still believe you are regardless of what you do.

Choose a skilled professional advisor, such as a lawyer, to defend your rights and prove or maintain your innocence. It would help if you didn't care what others think or say. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Suppose you have family members or friends who will look differently at you as you hire a defense attorney to defend yourself. In that case, those people shouldn't be part of your life. It indicates that they view you as guilty before you have the chance to prove otherwise, so why surround yourself with such people? Hire a lawyer, prove them wrong, and defend your rights!

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