IM Academy Launches New IMpowered Bundle at Zurich Event

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IM Academy Launches New IMpowered Bundle at Zurich Event

Photo : IM Academy Launches New IMpowered Bundle at Zurich Event

Online education platform IM Academy has been focused on expanding its international reach and launching new programs in 2022. From Oct.1- 4, it continued this push, holding an IM Beyond event in Zurich. At the event, IM Academy announced the launch of its new IMpowered Bundle, which is designed to offer the Academy's members more flexible options when deciding which markets and strategies to study.

IM Academy offers several options for students to pursue online financial education. These include the FRX Academy for the foreign exchange market, the DCX Academy for digital currencies, the ECX Academy for e-commerce, the TBX Academy for intraday scalping strategies, and the SFX Academy for the stocks and futures market. TBX and SFX were launched in 2022, along with the Academy's TLX travel and lifestyle membership program.

IM Academy has sought to streamline these opportunities with the goals of keeping pricing low and enabling students to progress through academies at a manageable pace. It had previously offered members the chance to bundle simultaneous membership in several academies through its Elite Academy, but with these goals in mind, the IMpowered Bundle will replace the Elite Academy option, offering students increased flexibility as they pursue financial education online.

What Is IMpowered?

The IMpowered Bundle is a membership option that allows IM Academy members to sign up for two academies together at a discounted rate. The bundle also enables members to add additional academies beyond the initial two at a discounted rate, but adding more than two academies is optional for IMpowered members.

For individuals who want to sign up for more than one academy, the IMpowered Bundle offers the convenience of adding additional academies and accessing their corresponding proprietary tools, scanners, and strategies at no additional cost. These resources are not automatically included if students sign up for a second base academy without IMpowered. Students can also sign up for the GoLive package of their preference, which enables them to engage in live online discussions with IM Academy educators, and they can bundle any of IM Academy's programs, including TLX.

IM Beyond and IM Academy's International Reach

The Zurich event was IM Academy's fourth IM Beyond event of 2022, following events in Palm Beach, Florida, Barcelona, Spain, and Phoenix. While IM Academy is primarily focused on online financial education, these in-person events provide an opportunity for the Academy's community, including students, executives, and independent business owners (IBOs), to network and share inspiration and ideas.

They also provide a platform to launch and explain new offerings. Prior to the IMpowered Bundle's launch in Zurich, IM Academy educators, including the "Fibonacci Queen," Carolyn Boroden, discussed IM Academy's newest program, the SFX Academy, at the IM Beyond Phoenix event in September. SFX is designed to educate students on stocks and futures markets and highlights Boroden's expertise in Fibonacci market engagement strategies, which utilize pattern-based ratios and a close analysis of time frames to analyze market pivot points.

In addition, IM Mastery Academy co-founders Christopher Terry and Isis Terry, who serve as CEO and CFO respectively, often make appearances at these IM Beyond events. At both the recent IM Beyond Phoenix event and IM Beyond Zurich, Christopher Terry and Isis Terry delivered keynote addresses, with Isis Terry hosting a womens' night panel in Zurich.

These appearances give Christopher Terry a chance to motivate individuals involved with the Academy and explain his approach to education and leadership, which is based on building a positive self-concept and cultivating an awareness of learning opportunities.

"We are conscious about the food we eat and the things we drink. We are conscious about getting enough sleep, but are we conscious about the thoughts and ideas we permit to enter our mind? Whatever you feed your mind today will affect you tomorrow. If your thoughts and intentions are pure, so will your actions," said Terry in a recent Instagram post. "If you're feeding your mind with negativity, it will show up in your activity. We have a choice of how we are going to respond. We have a choice if we are going to consciously protect our mind. Always be positive, think positive, and act positive."

This is a message that Terry espoused throughout his European speaking tour in the summer of 2022, which saw the CEO connect with IM Academy students and IBOs in over 12 countries across the continent. Founded in 2013 in the U.S., IM Academy continues to expand its international scale, in part thanks to Terry's commitment to connecting with individuals at these events across the world.

As IM Academy continues to reach more students at this scale, it's paying careful attention to feedback from individuals with experience learning at the various academies, and this is the origin of the IMpowered Bundle. It's a response to the need for flexibility that's central to the mission of an online platform like IM Academy. The bundle, along with the new program offerings, signal IM Academy's continual evolution as it moves toward completing its first decade of operations in 2023.

Note: IM Academy is an educational forum for analyzing, learning, and discussing general and generic information related to markets and strategies. IM Academy does not provide personalized recommendations or views as to whether a market approach is suited to the financial needs of a specific individual. Before deciding to participate in the forex or other markets, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk. Most importantly, do not risk money you cannot afford to lose. You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with, or independent of, research - and verify any information you find on the IM Academy website.

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