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7 Essential Car Accessories for Students


Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

(Photo : SplitShire from Pixabay)

When you start attending college, everything seems expensive. Even minor purchases could break the bank, which is why most students tend to be stingy. However, that doesn't mean you should live like a hermit. Some small things can significantly improve the quality of your life, which is definitely the case with car accessories.

1. Covers and mats

Having seat covers and mats might seem like something for old grannies. As a student, you want to have a "cool kid" vibe, and the last thing you need is to drive a girl in a car with these accessories. Still, keep in mind there are some really amazing covers and mats on the market. For example, getting elegant Ford F150 seat covers can actually improve the appearance of a car instead of running it. 

We cannot neglect how important these accessories are. So much so that most dealers include them in the base purchase. Seat covers are crucial for protecting the seats, making it easier to, one day, resell the vehicle. As for the mats, they provide protection for your floor, ensuring that mud, water, snow, and other things do not soil it.

2. Air freshener

Air fresheners are a small purchase that can make a major difference. Not only do they improve your experience when driving the car, but they also make it more comfortable for everyone else. Some people don't like them as they have a rather strong smell when you initially put them in the car, but the smell becomes mild and pleasant in just a few days.

The only issue with fresheners is that you have to change them all the time. However, if you buy a batch of them and leave the rest in your trunk, you won't have to worry about this.

3. Phone holder

Phone holders are incredible for several reasons. First off, they make driving ten times safer. Just think about all those situations when you pulled out your phone during a traffic jam. Even if you're a fast talker, there is always a chance to ram into a car in front of you.

Phone holders are fantastic when you go on a long trip, considering that a phone can serve as your GPS and stereo. Whenever you want to change the music, you just press a few buttons, and voila! It also makes the use of GPS much easier.  

4. Car hooks

Car hooks are another item that all students can afford. You hang these plastic thingies behind the front seats, and they can serve as hangers for plastic bags, purses, backpacks, etc. They are especially great when you're getting back from grocery shopping. With this accessory, you no longer have to collect apples and oranges from the car floor.

Car hooks are also good when you're carrying other sensitive stuff in your backpack. Laptops are the first thing that comes to mind, but you can easily add glass and squishy objects to the list.

5. Small trashcan

Small trashcans are great for students who frequently eat and drink in their cars while commuting. You can also use this item for tissues, used tickets, receipts, and everything else that you have in your pockets. 

With this product, you finally have disposal for all your waste, whether it's biological or otherwise. The only issue with the trashcan is that you have to empty it every once in a while. It is something I constantly forget, but luckily, there is a strong stench to remind me.

6. Windshield cover

This product is very popular in colder climates with lots of snow. Windshield cover makes your life so much easier when you wake up in the early winter morning and realize you need to scrape all that snow before traveling. Not only does this accessory make your life easier, but it can also save you time when you're in a pinch.

Although most people think of windshield covers as exclusively winter items, they can also come in handy during the summertime. If you don't have access to shade, your dashboard will become as hot as the surface of the sun. This product prevents that.

7. Pet brushes

As you can guess based on the name, pet brushes are tailor-made for our furry friends. Although many drivers won't care about this product, it is essential for every student who frequently drives their dog in the car. The product is very effective and cheap, making car maintenance a breeze. 

Keeping your car clean with a pet brush makes it easier to resell the vehicle at a later date.

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