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How Technology Can Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life


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Technology is an asset when family members are not around to care for an aging loved one. Many are easy to use, and they can remind you to take your medications, connect you with care, and offer more peace of mind. There are many ways you can implement technology into your everyday lifestyle.

Mobility Devices 

If your home has multiple levels, it may be difficult to move between them as your mobility decreases with age. That's one reason to look into installing a home elevator. It allows you to continue living on all levels of your home, which can be especially important if key areas of the house, such as the bedroom, laundry, and living spaces, are on different levels. You can learn about Stiltz elevator costs to get more information.

Pill Dispensers

If you forget to take your medication, technology can help remind you when you should take your medication. You can also find models that will let a loved one or healthcare provider know if you have not taken it. They look like regular ones; except they can unlock when you should take your medication. Your activity can easily be monitored remotely with the help of a caregiver. If you don't remember to take your medication, you can get a reminder from a programed voice on the device. Some may even connect to your phone so you can receive a text alert too.

Smart Wearable Devices

Technology is an excellent tool for monitoring your safety. You can use it to get emergency help if you have a health problem or fall and can't get up. There are new types of emergency alert systems that are more discreet and have better designs. You could look into getting a smart watch because it can also check other health signs, such as your oxygen saturation and respiratory rate. Certain brands of smart watches can also track your physical activity and sleep quality. You can set it to send the information to your caregivers to give them peace of mind that you are doing well. If the watch detects that you have fallen, it can send out an alert to a loved one or center. Many are waterproof, which means you can use them in the shower.

Exercise Trackers

Knowing that regular exercise is the best prevention against health concerns and it can help you stay fit and make it less likely that you will fall or get in another accident is critical. It's a good idea to take part in activities that can strengthen your muscles several times each week. Many older adults struggle to get the right amount of activity, and it can be even harder to take the time to sit down and track it. Devices like fitness trackers can help you stay on track with your physical activity. Many trackers can monitor your step count, heart rate, and other important signs. Some have even partnered with various insurance companies, so it could pay to get the right amount of exercise each week. Taking care of yourself can also give your loved ones more peace of mind that you are living a full and active life.

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