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7 Reasons Why you Need Romance Editors


7 Reasons Why you Need Romance Editors

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Many think that writing a romance novel is easy. All you have to do is choose the subgenre, strong characters, and a happy ending. But contrary to this common belief, there is more to it than meets the eye. It's true that you can sell a romance novel if your idea is unique and genuine.

However, to craft a book that can sell, you should polish your writing first. You can improve your writing skills with time but you'll still need editing.

Completing your draft is one thing but reviewing and solving grammatical mistakes is another task. This is gruelling work that you have to do with a fresh mind. You may have to rewrite, edit, add or cut, and then rewrite the manuscript. This is a practice that can help you lessen writing mistakes.

In case you don't have the time to do this, we recommend hiring romance editors. There are several reasons why you should seek help from editors. We have enlisted some of the best below for your information.

Detailed Review

One of the biggest benefits of hiring romance editors is that you'll get a detailed review. These are professionals who offer objectivity which can polish your manuscript.

Professional editors don't hold back or hesitate to point out your mistakes. They will highlight areas where your unpublished book needs improvements after giving it a read. They will tell you areas where you should add more detail by pinpointing character flaws and identifying grammar mistakes.

What's more beneficial is that an editor will help you cut unnecessary words from your draft. 

For example, if you have used the word "yours" or "truly" excessively, the editor will let you know about it. You can also take advantage of their professional experience and improve your writing by following their constructive remarks.

Correcting Errors

It's difficult to find and correct one's own mistakes. Especially, when it comes to writing, authors tend to overlook slip ups and character flaws. This is where a professional editor can help you out.

You will have a fresh pair of eyes that will only be looking to find mistakes. They will scrutinise your work from a reader's perspective but with the mind of an editor. So, if you have made grammar mistakes or have mentioned the same character twice, they'll highlight it.

Also, they'll let you know if you have used clichés or someone else's work in your manuscript. All in all, they will help you to ensure that your book stays original and true to its theme.

Unbiased Assessment

You may think why bother hiring an editor when you can ask someone close to do the same job. This is the thought that pops into the mind of every author. But to tell you the truth, friends and family members cannot judge your work unbiasedly.

Most people prefer not to point out a writer's mistake. They don't want to hurt your feelings and often don't have the eye of an editor. The same goes for beta readers because they are not professionals. But when you hire a romance editor, you'll have an unbiased critique on your side.

A professional editor will read and review your writing critically. They'll provide impartial feedback because they are getting paid to review your work. An editor will let you know where your writing is getting sloppy or lacking details. Editors have a habit of assessing stories, structure, and characters as critiques and offering their views unbiasedly. 

Saving Time

One of the many reasons to hire an editor to review your romance novel is time-saving. Proofreading and reviewing the first draft of a book is a tedious task. This is hectic work that may take weeks and you may have to do it twice.

If you are a writer who likes to work on other important tasks, hiring a professional editor is a good move. This will allow you to free your mind and work on other crucial tasks. You can work on your cover design while a professional will be editing your manuscript.

Writing Improvements

The best thing about hiring an editor is that you'll have a perfect draft. There are things that you can do to improve writing skills but hiring romance editors makes more sense. An editor will review your work in detail and inform you where you need improvements.

Professional editors can help you reduce errors by providing useful writing tips. That's because novice writers don't know how to structure their paragraphs or chapters precisely. For example, if you have used the wrong jargon or have written the same word again and again in a chapter, they'll let you know about it.

Publishing Perfect Copy

When it comes to writing books, the reputation of authors heavily relies on what type of work they produce. You surely would not like to be known as an author who makes grammatical errors. Also, your audience will disapprove of the work if it has communication issues. But these are problems that can only be addressed before publishing the book.

You can easily sort out these issues if you have a good editor on your side. They will help you remove such mistakes and make sure that your audience gets a book that represents the best of your skills.

Quick Publication and Marketing

The biggest challenge for any new writer is to publish the book. They often are not aware of the process and don't know which publisher is best for them. This is something that an experienced romance editor can do for you.

They can guide novice writers on how to meet industry standards. An editor can help you find a perfect publisher for your work using his/her connections. Using their previous experiences, they can also help you with the marketing strategy. As a result, you may be able to sell books and reach a wider audience.

Final Note

To write a good romance novel, you have to pay attention to the details. Character development is the key that can make or break your storyline. This is something that professional romance editors are good at. They can help you solve character and structural flaws to ensure you publish the perfect manuscript.

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